[DAO: Qme9Zzg] Integrating Decentraland with 4 other platforms

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Rather than see the Metaverse space dominated by one large corporation, it would be much more interesting to see a group of already successful virtual worlds join together to form a system-of-systems, a mini Metaverse. After the initial pioneering work, virtual worlds can be added to the system-of-systems, ever increasing the size of the would-be Metaverse. Several prototypes have already been created integrating disparate systems using IPSME. This proposal would enable the pioneering work to integrate Decentraland with other platforms, without requiring massive re-engineering efforts from Decentraland. IPSME does not require Decentraland to conform to a third-party protocol or SDK; IPSME uses Decentraland’s existing infrastructure.

Grant size

48,000 USD

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This proposal would enable the pioneering work to integrate Decentraland with 4 other systems. Rather than incur large re-engineering costs to have Decentraland conform to a particular Metaverse protocol, the integrations with the other systems will be created external to Decentraland’s implementation via IPSME. This is contrary to the often peddled approach which requires integrated systems to adhere to and implement a particular protocol or SDK. When protocols in the integrated system of systems are updated, Decentraland is not required to update in order to keep participating in the Metaverse space. Normally, integrating 5 systems together would require an exponential 5(5-1)/2= 10 integrations, but translations in IPSME are transitively applicable, reducing the number of integrations required to a linear (5-1)= 4.

Decentraland can choose exactly what APIs it would like to share with the other systems, whether that be teleporting, asset sharing, profiles, etc. Components will be created that can run along side Decentraland, with Decentraland only being required to update when it wants to make use of or offer services.

By integrating with other systems, Decentraland can onboard new users and dynamically make use of services that the other platforms provide. Decentraland can also operate as a service provider for other systems as well. The entire integrated system-of-systems can develop organically.


The specification for IPSME is here: https://doi.org/10.1145/3458307.3460966

And a simple video introduction can be found here: IPSME (simple) introduction - System of Systems Integration (SoSI) - YouTube

Over the last 4 years, IPSME has been tested in several prototypes: Interoperability with IPSME - YouTube

The integration of Minecraft and Doom. https://kim.nevelsteen.com/project/metaverse-doom3-minecraft-integration/

And, the integration of 123 third-party Minecraft servers: https://kim.nevelsteen.com/project/mim-web-of-interconnected-block-worlds/


  • Doesn’t avoid standards, but avoids the need for standards
  • translations are external to the systems being integrated
  • reduced costs: rather than bring down and re-engineer the system to adhere to a standard, external translations are dynamically updated instead
  • reduced complexity: translations can be used transitivity, reducing complexity from exponential to linear
  • each world gets to choose what they share by exposing APIs on their existing infrastructure
  • ability to dynamically query the network for new services


The aim of this proposal is a 6 to 12 month project. I’ve been working on interoperability since 1998.

Kim Nevelsteen Ph.D., Distributed Pervasive Applications

System of Systems Integration / Metaverse Research Scientist, Professional Software Developer



Roadmap and milestones

Due to the created prototypes, lots of code has already been written for the IPSME components. After the rudimentary infrastructure is ready, integration will start with two virtual worlds. If this proposal is granted, Decentraland will be the first to be integrated. Thereafter, the other integrations will be made until all virtual worlds form the system-of-systems.

As visible on my YouTube channel, I regularly release videos on the progress of my work. This grant is not for a prototype, but for releases. Also, if all goes well, the Decentraland community should be able to enjoy extra functionality (towards the end of the project).

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Hi Kim, amazing project. Could you add more information on the actual implementation?

  • How do you plan to add your modules on Decentraland, taking into account its a decentralized platform?
  • How your system works on a web based platform, like this one?
  • Most items on Decentraland are NFTs, how would that work when moving items from one world to another?
  • How will you distribute the work on the 6 - 12 months proposed?

Hello Eibriel,

Initially an IPSME component can run alongside the Decentraland infrastructure. In the long run, if Decentraland is pleased with the integration, IPSME communication can be built in.

I’m currently busy with the web implementation. A messaging environment can be created for the web similar to that on the OS. IPSME messages are then broadcast over that messaging environment.

If the proposal is granted, a discussion will be need on what functionality would be interesting to Decentraland. IPSME supports the mapping of inventory, but NFTs make it all that much easier. In the Minecraft/Doom3 video linked above, the mapping of inventory is demonstrated.

Your fourth question is ambiguous. How will I distribute the workload over the period? I will be continuing the basic infrastructure and immediately begin with Decentraland. If Decentraland clears the grant, then Decentraland has priority. Thereafter I will concentrate on the linkage between Decentraland and the other platforms. How will I distribute work, as in releases? I still have to see what is the most convenient way to distribute releases.

I hope I have sufficiently answered your questions.

What are the other 4 platforms you plan to integrate with?

That hasn’t been set in stone yet. I already have the code for Minecraft, that is an option. Other options include JanusVR, Metaverse.io, Cryptovoxels, Mozilla Hubs, Odyssey, RecRoom, The Sandbox, VRChat and others. Interoperability with web2 platforms might also be interesting.

If this proposal goes through, then the first order of business will be discussing what interoperability would be useful to Decentraland and then matching that with other platforms.

To the Decentraland Community,

I want to take the time to say, thank you for this opportunity. I will be doing my utmost to ensure that this project reaches fruition. I will now start this ball rolling.

Kind regards,


Congrats! Looking forward to see the progress of the project!

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Integrating Decentraland with 4 other platforms

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Decentraland is as of tomorrow one month overdue with providing the vesting payout. I have reached out for help, to which I first received support from Matimio and thereafter being forwarded to HPrivakos on the discord, when Matimio could not resolve the problem. HPrivakos simply replied with “we will be working on it, no eta”.

This situation is now causing me financial stress. I allotted time to work on this project, sacrificing other opportunities i.e., loss of possible income. I have already put in substantial programming time (as required by the proposal) to which I have not been paid.

I find this situation unprofessional and I ask that someone fix the vesting. There is also the question if I will be paid out 2 months upon the first withdrawal, since the vesting is overdue by one month.

The first smartcontract was created 9 days after the proposal passed.
On December 27th, you contacted us to report an issue with the previous contract, we worked on the issue and created a new vesting contract on December 28th, I do not think a day is very long and unprofessional.
The smartcontract is available here: TokenVesting | 0x0eE7A7219017693C585C0D3801d1DA977D36C54b
You are able to claim everything due as the start day is the day the proposal passed.

You didn’t communicate with me from Dec 27th until today. If you created a new smart contract, I didn’t know about it.

It seems to be working now. I’m grateful. Hopefully, things can move smoothly from here forward.

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What happened with this Grant?

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As I can see from the Discord related thread - the work is going.
There was some communication issues between author of this proposal and DCL dev team… and it seems now @Nev got an access to dev team. So it seems things slowly but moving on!
I am pretty interested in outcome of that initiative… keeping my (only one) eye on it.
Latest update on discord is from 25th august.

@yemel care to explain this “Yes” vote?

I guess this project is dead

Knev, I was happy to see you finally got an agreement from the explorer team today. Now they will meet with you for an hour so you can get answers to your questions about building the Unity renderer.