[DAO:d5c7a8d] Scalability Upgrade for Decentraland: Implementing Rollup Solutions

by 0x4ec0bcf5e3bd218381acf3c889919bc4ef12febd (LF)

Should the following $160,000 grant in the Core Unit category be approved?


This proposal aims to secure a grant from the Decentraland DAO to implement rollup solutions, a scalability upgrade. The project will be divided into three stages, with a budget of $160,000 for each stage. The implementation of rollups will significantly reduce gas fees and transaction speeds, improving the user experience. The proposed project is a cost-effective and efficient solution that will keep the platform competitive and benefit the entire community. We believe that implementing rollups is a crucial step in the development of the platform and hope to collaborate with the Decentraland DAO to bring this upgrade to fruition.

Grant size

160,000 USD

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



We are writing to submit a proposal for implementing rollups on Decentraland. As you know, Decentraland is one of the leading metaverse platforms, offering users a unique and immersive virtual world experience. However, the platform is currently facing scalability issues, which limit its potential for growth and adoption. We propose that implementing rollups is the best path forward for solving these scalability issues.

Stage 1: Development

In this stage, the rollup solution will be designed and developed. We estimate that this stage will take around 3-6 months, depending on the specific requirements of the project. The proposed budget for this stage is $160,000, which will cover the cost of experienced developers, conducting design and development work, and performing initial testing to ensure that the solution meets the necessary standards of security and performance.

Stage 2: Testing and Deployment

In this stage, the rollup solution will be thoroughly tested to ensure its security, performance, and compatibility with the Decentraland platform. The proposed budget for this stage is also $160,000, which will cover the cost of testing and deployment, including bug fixes, security audits, and other necessary work to ensure the successful launch of the rollup solution.

Stage 3: Maintenance and Upgrades

Once the rollup solution is deployed, it will need to be maintained and upgraded as needed to ensure its continued performance and security. This stage will involve ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and support for the rollup solution. The proposed budget for this stage is also $160,000 per year, which will cover the cost of ongoing maintenance and upgrades, as well as any necessary support for users.

Overall Budget

Therefore, the total budget for implementing rollups on Decentraland in these three stages would be $480,000. We understand that this is a significant investment, but we believe that it is necessary to ensure the long-term success of Decentraland and its position as a leading metaverse platform.

In conclusion, we believe that implementing rollups on Decentraland is a crucial step in the development of the platform, and it will significantly improve the user experience by providing faster and cheaper transactions. Decentraland has the potential to become the leading metaverse platform, but it needs to keep up with the latest technologies and solutions to remain competitive. The proposed rollup solution is a cost-effective and efficient way to achieve this goal, and we are confident that it will benefit the entire Decentraland community. Thank you for considering our proposal.

Roadmap and milestones

Stage 1: Design and Development (3 months, $160k)

Design and develop rollup solution
Conduct internal testing and audit preparation


Research and analysis of rollup solutions (2 weeks)
Design and development of rollup solution (6 weeks)
Internal testing and audit prep (4 weeks)

Stage 2: Testing and Deployment (3 months, $150k)

Conduct external testing
Implement rollup solution on Decentraland mainnet
Develop documentation for users


External testing (8 weeks)
Implementation on mainnet (2 weeks)
Documentation for users (2 weeks)
Final testing and optimization (2 weeks)

Stage 3: Maintenance and Upgrades (Ongoing, $160k)

Monitor and maintain rollup solution
Implement upgrades and provide user support


Ongoing maintenance and monitoring
Upgrades and improvements as needed
User support
Total Budget: $480,000

This roadmap outlines a three-stage project to implement rollup solutions on Decentraland’s platform, significantly improving the user experience. Each stage has a budget of $160,000 with clear milestones for progress and accountability. This project will keep Decentraland competitive by reducing gas fees and transaction times, benefitting the entire community.

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This is clearly a proposal written with AI (check the text at https://gptzero.me/) but it’s not clear at all and we don’t have any idea who is this person plus “their” email is luistheboss3@gmail.com which seems a bit sussy.

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Hello @LF_1 what happened to the poll and grant request that you submitted previously?

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also is this really part of the core unit funding…?

ps: where do you see their email…?

For everyone who is voting “no” I would like to hear your arguments, because for me this is a great idea so we can fight scalability problems, let´s be honest there are problems, and if we want decentraland to survive we have to do something about it

Yes, we can implement rollups. People who is voting “no” are making me thing that they actually don^t know what they are

Hello, thanks for proposal. Before voting for grants I want to know that candidate already known for his activity in DCL, can show some forward results. Before implementing such significant upgrades I would like to see third party audit.

Also, you have some errors in numbers $ , doubtful expense plan and the whole summ to implement your proposal - 480$k is pretty big.

Whats your experience with rollups, security and code ?

I don’t understand this proposal, can u explain it to me and make some examples what you could do and how it works?

I don´t have errors in numbers. That´s the total cost of the project. It will be divided in three stages as the proposal shows, in this stage the cost will be 160k which will be focused on development, I have a lot of experience in managing these types of projects, and I have a team that can make this project work. Answering to the other question, Rollups are a scaling solution for blockchain networks that allow for more transactions to be processed in a faster and cheaper way. Rollups work by batching many transactions together and then processing them off-chain before submitting a single transaction to the main blockchain. This allows for faster transaction processing times and reduces the fees required to execute transactions on the blockchain

Rollup solutions are a scaling technique used in blockchain networks that involves bundling multiple transactions into a single transaction, thus reducing the number of on-chain transactions and improving efficiency. While rollup solutions can help to reduce gas fees and increase transaction throughput, they come with several potential drawbacks that may not be suitable for all decentralized systems.

First, rollup solutions rely on a trusted operator or a group of operators to process and validate transactions. This means that users must trust these operators not to tamper with their transactions, which goes against the principles of decentralization and trustlessness that underpin many blockchain networks.

Second, rollup solutions may not be suitable for certain types of transactions, such as those that require instant finality or those that involve complex smart contract interactions. This is because rollup solutions require a delay period before the bundled transactions are finalized, during which time the transactions can be reversed if a valid challenge is presented.

Finally, rollup solutions can be complex and expensive to implement and maintain, which may not be feasible for smaller or less well-funded decentralized projects.

In summary, while rollup solutions can be effective at scaling blockchain networks, they may not be suitable for all decentralized systems, and the decision to implement them should be carefully considered based on the specific needs and constraints of the project.

Can you show examples of your experience ?

I have worked in an exchange called Domitai as the project manager for some years, I have also worked for the CNBV in Mexico as an adviser, and some small firms. These experiences have given me the chance to know people who are experts in the field, and I am sure that I could make this project work.
I am a believer of Decentraland but honestly it needs a lot of changes if we want to remain competitive. Decentraland’s flaws include scalability issues, high gas fees, limited functionality, steep learning curve, lack of user adoption, and potential legal challenges around virtual land ownership. I have this proposal but I am also working on others, but honestly I think that this one could make Decentraland very strong

I might made a mistake, instead of writing a 6 I wrote a 5, but that does not matter, because I will have to ask for another grant in the future for the second stage. It will be corrected then, do not worry and thank you for realizing this.

People who are voting me don´t have vp but are the ones who want a change. I ask you to reconsider the proposal because we can achieve a lot with this

Hi LF_1, the ones who are voting yes but do not have VP/have very little are most likely bots.

I voted no, on 2 reasons. Firstly, gas fees are already pretty low with almost all transactions taking place in polygon.

Secondly. It is concerning that you aren’t aware there’s bots voting in the DAO, and their characteristics are typically accounts with little to no VP and with an address as a name. With that, you’ve lost my vote of confidence.

At a quick glance, you’d be able to reason that the proposal is getting voted against not only in terms of VP, but sheer numbers as well

What do bots have to do with the discussion? I just said that people with VP don´t seem to care about the future of Decentraland. If they don´t want the idea that is okay, but at least give some reasons so we can discuss and make changes. That way we could come with a better idea, but nobody is doing that

If I may quote on what you mentioned

You mentioned that people who vote in favour of you don’t have VP. My point is that most(not all) of these accounts that are in favour are likely bots, same with those that are against. But the numbers do show that people who have the VP, are choosing against.

As with engagement from people who do have reasonable amounts of VP, I’d suggest that you do some searching and perhaps engage them at a personal level instead?

After all, like an election, applying for grant does require some vote gathering.

did you answer your own question or what is happening here?

The implementation of rollups will significantly reduce gas fees and transaction speeds

i don’t think that’s wrong, i just don’t really see that as a big issue atm. performance issues are a far, far bigger issue.

do you have benchmarks of current gas fees/tx speeds and what we can expect to see if your proposal is enacted?