[DAO: Qmdm1g8] We would like to provide headlines/video/tweets from The Associated Press

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Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


AP is the world’s oldest and most trusted news source. We are a Not-for-Profit news cooperative and we only file fact-based news - no opinion or commentary. Our news is trusted by everyone on the political spectrum and we have staff in over 180 countries.
We’re keen to become a trusted news source in Decentraland and to develop a newsgathering and reporting model that is consistent with the mission of the DAO.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Facts belong. They are crucial in the analog world, onchain and in the Metaverse. AP is a highly trusted provider of facts. We have published US election data onchain as a start and are working to develop new models of newgathering and reporting for the decentralized economies of the future. We’d also love to have some fun developing an AP presence in Decentraland and are eager to do so and not just port over models from the outside world.


TBD, based on funding


Dwayne Desaulniers - AP’s Director of Blockchain Strategy
Everipedia - AP’s technical and development partner

Roadmap and milestones

Oct 21: Phase 1 spec developed
March 1, 2022: Launch phase 1 presence of AP facts in Decentraland.

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As a person who has the utmost respect for the Associated Press, I am firmly against this proposal. Wouldn’t such agreement be construed as hypocritical and contradictory to the mission and ethos of a Metaverse and decentralized organization such as DCL? Nothing is stopping the Associated Press from launching their own initiative within Decentraland on their own dime. I welcome enlightenment from the community to me to understand the appeal and benefit.


With block chain being anonymous how do we know is actually who they say they are? Also their “TBD, based on funding” part does not hold them responsible for anything. They know how much the funding is. They are asking for 5k. They should be able to set expectations now. I am not against a recognized organization asking for funding but I think they need a better proposal that explains their deliverables. Also proof it is them and not someone spamming for it. Also check the etherscan address. Zero DCL presence. I think they need more skin in the game, a better written proposal and proof of identify before asking again. Address 0xeD5482409243385019Bb86b7A5d82C51E8552710 | Etherscan


The lack of specifications leaves me concerned. I would love to see AP have a presence in DCL, but I would need to see a strategic roadmap on how this will improve DCL specifically with a general timeframe. I will wait for a revised proposal.


Economy data is already highly published all over the web as it is included in decentraland within the genesis plaza.

As for building a presence in decentraland, i would like to hear why you think you should be funded to build your presence instead of building it yourself in the way everyone else has. The way i see it, if a company who is already established outside of the metaverse comes into the metaverse but needs outside funding to make that possible it means they will have no ability or skills necessary to add anything to its advancement and therefore doesn’t tick the boxes for funding in my eyes.

Thirdly, this is an obvious cash grab and would question if this is actually being posted by the company it is claiming to be as I would expect a professionally written proposal with plans of action and the knowledge of expense, not for them to post “specification: TBD, based on funding”. Do you not think it is a bit backwards if I came to you and said “sign off on this funding and once its accepted ill let you know what we will do”? you requested 5000 usd, so how come you did not base your funding on that figure?

I will be voting against