[DAO: Qmd4CPA] What do you think about this wearable collection?

by 0x967fb0c36e4f5288f30fb05f8b2a4d7b77eaca4b (KJWalker)

A recent wearable submission includes an inverted Latin cross and the words “hate” and “evolve”.

Forum post here: Collection 'EVOLs Mask' created by metazool2#587b is ready for review!

Should this collection’s approval be voted by the DAO if it is technically sound?

  • DAO vote required + technical review
  • No DAO vote required + technical review

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I disagree with this proposal completely. Sounds like the wearables committee does not want to own the responsibility of making decisions and having the outcome reflect their collective decision making. Really easy to kick something out to the community if you dont want it to pass and you think its feasible people wont show up for a vote at all.

Submitting wearables is not about campaigning for a DAO proposal. If this is the direction the committee is headed with approving wearables, strip their power away and bring every wearable to the DAO for a vote. Not ideal, but the committee is cherry picking.

This hybrid method is intentionally confusing and trivializes the funds paid by the submitter to get wearables technically approved.