[DAO:7aaa1bb] Community support for a paid pre-check on linked wearable proposals

by 0x895be97bdb9f8a244c472b18ea96dee39ddf8fe5 (dax)

the original idea was expressed here and was centered around the idea that many linked wearable proposals aren’t actually possible for various technical reasons, so that community members often wait for someone with technical knowledge to give an “ok” before voting.

My idea was to require a pre-check for linked wearable proposals so that before they are submitted for a vote, they must be checked by someone from the wearables committee who either gives a green light to the proposal or feedback as to why it isn’t possible / what would need to be fixed. I believe this should include a small non-refundable fee paid to the wearable committee member for their time.

The benefit of this is that once a linked wearable proposal is up for a vote, the community can vote knowing that the proposal itself is valid.

  • yes, introduce a paid pre-check
  • no, linked wearables should remain as they are
  • Invalid question/options

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Linked Wearables “bypass” DAO publishing fees for each wearable.

Currently Wearable Submission fees are the main source of DAO income except inflows from vesting contract which I prefer not to count as an income.

This poll is a good starting point to rethink Linked Wearables concept.

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I think this is a good step towards maybe a reformatting or restructuring(not completely) of Linked Wearables. I think it’s time the LWs mature.

We’ve discussed some in the DAO Discord, that I think creating tiers could be a good route towards a new LW structure. One where how it functions now can still exist, for it’s original intended purposes, but then open up medium/smaller tiers for different uses cases. Like phygitals, smaller creators, games, etc not just large NFT projects such at BAYC.

And options to pay bulk curation fees, because I don’t see why that shouldn’t be an option. I understand for large collections, but when ppl submit 5, we could make it a deal 5 for amount of $. And that could also open up lower VP thresholds for up and coming designers of NFT collections, requiring less whale lobbying.

I def have interest in this category restructure as someone who does a physical art form that is also wearable in DCL(and much more future utility related to nail art), and am planning to create NFTs linking them. But right now, doing it manually is more appealing.

Is there a way to measure the success of linked wearables so far? How can we determine the number of users onboarded to DCL thru this program?

I think most decisions about linked wearables come from the value of the collection itself and how it may increase the DCL user base. But I am ok with providing a way to check for technical issues before voting for a linked wearable.

Community support for a paid pre-check on linked wearable proposals

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, introduce a paid pre-check 98% 430,340 VP (94 votes)
  • No, linked wearables should remain as they are 0% 0 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 2% 9,354 VP (1 votes)