[DAO:fc1073f] Should the DAO have 2 options for the Linked Wearables registry?

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)

Currently, a lot of linked wearables are not passing with the DAO votes because the curation fees are paid for by the DAO. However, I think these linked wearables can be helpful for big projects. It would be good to give the projects an option to pay for it themselves.
This is the proposal that would be amended. Final definitions for Linked Wearables

The line that should be amended in this governance proposal is:

“Curation fees are covered by the DAO and will be the same amount as regular wearables, so for a curator, it shouldn’t matter what type of collection it is.”

Instead I think we should offer 2 options:

Option 1: Linked wearables curation fees are funded by the DAO.

Option 2: Linked wearables curation fees are funded by the wearables creator.

Some companies or NFT Projects don’t mind paying the fees, they just want their wearables in world and linked to their NFT’s traits. This would be a huge help to those who don’t mind paying the fees and it would help them get linked wearable status

  • Yes, let’s have 2 options.
  • No, keep it as is.
  • Invalid question/options

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Mean while here we are debating this when multiple nft projects are gonna be linked and otherside and sandbox. This part the bs will sink this platform.

this seems like a no brainer but i am not so knowledgeable about wearables and the process surround them - @HPrivakos @michi @Malloy can you comment on this?

IMO this should be the only option for linked wearables - maybe a fraction of cost of what “reg.” wearable submissions are currently.

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I voted No after reading the proposal linked in the description. It’s because I interpreted this current proposal as if the publishers pay, they wouldn’t need an acceptance vote of 4M VP. If they still need a vote of the community of 4M it’s more ok, although some collection paying would be a precedent and everyone will have to pay eventually. The biggest part of the job is the creation and working with curation teams and ones with the technical knowledge and accreditation so who pays it is trivial in my opinion.

I align with @Crypt_Sannin here. I’m not sure there should be two options, I think there should be tiers of how many NFTs you want linked and how much the fees should be, sliding scale from maybe like 1-100, 101-5k, 5,001k-10k, etc. And then price how much the curation fees should be, so they aren’t exact to a single wearable submission, but more of a deal, since there’s multiples.

Could even put a threshold to how many NFTs too, like say minimum 10 NFTs, so ppl don’t try to use this to get around a submission of 1-5 wearables and get a better deal.

These numbers are anecdotal though, would need to determine what would be best of course.

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I feel like the larger question at hand here is about interoperability and curation.

If the metaverse alliance which will link decentraland with the sandbox and more will/does exist that means sandbox wearables will potentially come to dcl. Now I assume this will not be a problem as the Sandbox should have curated the items right and likewise for DCL items going to sandbox.

So my next logical thought was who are the people applying for linked wearables funded by the DAO? I’ve seen and own several linked wearable collections and I paid for them. So why does the Dao pay for the curation if they make a profit?

I think if someone sells a nft saying it will have use in the metaverse there should be a cost associated with that on their behalf and therefore agree with @ckbubbles and @Crypt_Sannin here.


Hello @Tudamoon @dax ,
Currently I believe there is a subsidised fee for linked wearables in place to support onboarding and encourage projects to apply!

In fact I think this could possibly be changed to have a lower VP threshold because that seems to be the main wall projects seem to be hitting when applying for linked wearables.
The possible consequence of lowering the VP threshold would be less traffic and mana moving in the marketplace as we would be moving wearables to a secondary market through NFT sales~~~

Let me know if that helps! :pray: :cloud:


Should the DAO have 2 options for the Linked Wearables registry?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, let’s have 2 options. 46% 547,686 VP (112 votes)
  • No, keep it as is. 1% 4,501 VP (10 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 53% 627,209 VP (7 votes)