[DAO: Qmd3pgP] Block roads and plazas from POI proposals

by 0xe6d503b3ab9565560c3a6a6881d79ba29590f99f (Guest-e6d503)

POIs are markers that highlight specific points of interest on the general map to allow users to more easily access the best content on Decentraland.

Recently, POI proposals have included coordinates that are roads and plazas. Roads and plazas are already marked on the map with colors. These proposals have not passed because the DAO recognizes them as improper use of the POI system.

In order to be effective, the DAO must gain efficiencies as it scales. Having to sort through proposals such as this is a waste of time for the DAO, hurting efficiency and lowering the governance power of MANA. Thus, the governance tool should prevent proposals that attempt to add road and plaza coordinates as POIs.

This poll should inform the Foundation’s governance tool development and does not specify any implementation details or DAO-funded plans.

  • Block road and plaza coordinates from new POI proposals
  • Allow roads and plaza coordinates in POI proposals

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