[DAO: Qmckt8v] Decentraland Snap - Become a virtual photographer

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Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Decentraland Snap is a play-to-earn game that encourages users to become Virtual Photographers. Everyone is invited to submit their very best photos and videos to Decentraland Snap to earn MANA if they get featured.

LAND and MANA holders are invited to curate the best content out there. The featured photos and videos will be published for sale as unique NFTs. Profits of sales will be distributed to creators.

This project will generate a great amount of quality content about Decentraland. By fine-tuning the incentives, we could get coverage for every event and content uploaded. Photos and videos will be shared on social media and leveraged by other projects via API.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



This project is an experiment in play-to-earn mechanics, giving the possibility to players to become virtual photographers and immersing themselves into Decentraland’s world in the search for epic memories.

Photographers will gradually build their portfolio in the platform, winning badges and awards based on the content they submit. The featured content is open for sale in the marketplace, where profits are distributed between creators.


  • Create digital jobs in Decentraland.
  • Curate an archive of valuable content.
  • Expose the content via API and social accounts.
  • Generates awareness for Decentraland by participating in NFT marketplaces.


>> Check out the landing page and general design <<


  • Open source project forked from Governance dApp.
  • Snap curation will be done using the same VP strategy as Governance.
  • Snap Sales will be minted on Polygon when purchased.


  • 1 Snap submitted per day per address.
  • 1 week voting to curate submitted Snaps.
  • 5-20 snaps will be featured on the marketplace per day.
  • Creators earn 20 MANA if their content gets featured.
  • Featured snaps are sold as NFT, money goes to creators.


The team met each other at ITBA University where Yemel teaches a course about cryptocurrencies for senior students. Julian and Juan are very interested in working in the crypto space. They are also working on a NFT-related dApp in their free time.

Yemel’s main roles are Product Owner and Tech Lead. Julian’s main role is front-end development. Juan’s main role is back-end and Solidity development.

Roadmap and milestones

Within the next 3 months the team will work on an MVP:

  • Setup a dApp to submit photos and videos.
  • Create a snapshot space for content curation.
  • Define a strategy to mint Snaps as NFTs.
  • Prepare for launch (testing, documenting, auditing).

Before launch, the project will need to secure extra funding to finance program prices for a few months until the marketplace makes enough money.

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Looking forward to hearing your comments and ideas!

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I would like to present myself. I’m Julian, part of the proposed personnel. I really believe this will spark the creation of “digital jobs” in Decentraland. Would love to hear what the community thinks about this project Thanks!! :grin:

5,000 USD sounds like too little even for this project. Maybe we should create more tiers for grants up to $250k?

lol I just found Expanding the Community Grants Program - nevermind

Funny that I was wandering around after having just completed the Toki game… and upon finding an “abandoned car” I thought to myself “I wonder if anyone has had the idea of becoming a Decentraland photographer?”
Having been a photographer (and dotcommer and traveled the world for 20 years) this is something I’d love to do! so I googled it… and this discussion is the first link that came up.

I think its a great idea I love the concept of it being a game and of decentraland taking care of the “marketing” aspect via the marketplace
Let me know when it becomes open… I’m all in!

Hello, I’m a photographer and I had this idea of becoming a photographer on Decentraland. I googled it and I stumbled upon this forum. Who should I contact?

what is the result of this grant ? is the dApp online?

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Where to find the implementation of this project in Decentraland?

@yemel What is the result of this Grant?

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This project is dead. The team only released a 56% of the vesting contract and I just transfer the beneficiary of the vesting back to the DAO.

The code developed is open source and can be found here.

The code so far support the creation of “Quests” form admin users. Each quest is a call for photos of an specific thing (e.g. cover Event or Point of Internets). The quest has a submission period. A user can submit 1 picture per quest.

We did not code a process for voting/curating the submissions, and the ideas was to launch a first round of quest with a centralized jury in order to test the platform.

Sadly, the team run out of time/energy to continue building this.