[DAO:m5rnt3e] World Wide Analytics

by 0x8ac69421a24690d62d7eda58e0daaa21a249d98f (WeMeta#d98f)


From a Decentraland Grant, WeMeta has developed the Builder Tag, an analytics plugin which can be implemented by builders to aggregate visitor data into a scene dashboard, which presents anonymized information so that creators can understand who their users are.

Currently, this solution must be integrated on a scene-by-scene basis by builders. To help make Decentraland’s data more easily accessible in a permissioned way, and to scale solutions like scene comparisons and more seamlessly offer creators scene dashboards, WeMeta is seeking to work with the community to implement our analytics at a world level.


In practice, this would mean implementing the Builder Tag at scale, so that builders do not have to manually add it to their scenes. Visitors would be given notice that their data is being collected, and given the opportunity to opt-out or visit their profile on wemeta.world to understand what is being collected and how it is being used.


We believe users should have control over their data. This means they should be able to opt-out, delete, or adjust the level of granularity at which their data can be utilized. Through this future feature, we hope to be able to reward people when their data is used (e.g. advertisement).

For this reason, we are asking the community to back us in our mission to scale our analytics service to all of Decentraland, while giving users ownership of their data.


Overall, we believe this could be powerful step forward for democratized data, enabling a simple solution to contribute and monetize your data.

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Hi there! Thank you for writing and submitting your proposal. Forgive me, but I’m having a hard time understanding the scope and sequence you are proposing. You are hoping to implement the builder tag to all scenes deployed in DCL? Personally I don’t want to run across the map and have a notification pop up every time I enter a new parcel that my data is being collected, and then I’ll have to opt out each time? Can you break down the details a little further here? Thank you!


I voted invalid - having in mind that you have received a 240K grant here:

In which I feel there’s some shady activity around having 14.1M vote and pass the original proposal.

I’m curious to see what the rest of community thinks, should this be implemented being “DAO” already paid for this?


Hey! No worries. Yes, to all scenes, and would have a one-time or once-per-session pop-up I think, and from there you would be good. Does this make sense?

I’m not sure I understand the concern around funding. They are not looking for funding (correct me if I’m wrong)… they are looking to supply their product to the standard DCL offering.

Re: @Canessa concern about User Experience and opting out… I agree. If there’s a clean way to provide transparency to Users, but also keep the experience smooth and without distraction that would be excellent.

The WeMeta tag is something we at Pangea add to every scene for us and for Clients… it’s MUCH more useful than what DCL provides at the moment.

Lack of information about project.

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They already got the funding on the proposal I linked. Care to look into the responses and votes of that proposal?

My point is DAO already paid for this product. This proposal is to implement it.


Then do not collect it.

@Crypt_Sannin Right now each scene need to add a library in their scene for the data to be collected by WeMeta, they want to add their own tracking to Decentraland as a whole so creators don’t need to add the library. They just want to collect data on all users without any limitations.

Voting NO as I’m not willing to have WeMeta collect data about me across all Decentraland into their closed source system.


Facebook has entered the chat. Cambridge Analytica is that you bro? Brought to you by WeMeta let us gather your data so we can sell it. Also here just put this on your land for us no big deal what do you got to hide. /sarcasm

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Makes you wonder who with 14.1 mil vp would say here you go lads. Good catch

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Down to 6.9M last time I checked. :man_facepalming:

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World Wide Analytics

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

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  • Against 43% 926,647 VP (6 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 53% 1,089,346 VP (24 votes)