[DAO:17e458c] Update #3 for proposal "Atlas Analytics - Open Sourcing the Platform for the Community"

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How we doin Decentraland Community? Howie Doin here with our monthly update on the Atlas Analytics grant project! This month we were able to push the first batch of updates live, and get to work on the larger update of extending Analytics to support Worlds!


If you recall from last month’s update, we had just finished adding a number of new analytics to the platform as well as some much needed organization. You can view these changes today in our “staging environment”. This staging environment is available at https://data-dapp-dev.atlascorp.io if you want to test them out and give us feedback. Just a reminder that as this is not the formal production environment, we can’t guarantee its uptime, performance, or availability as we may be testing new widgets or calculations.

Next up is extending the platform to worlds. This is going to be a pretty big overhaul as it requires top-level changes that cascade pretty much everywhere throughout the code. We actually have been collecting worlds, or let’s say data collected outside of Genesis city, since the inception of the project. The challenge will be sorting them out and presenting the selection to users in a way that doesn’t cause much of the rest of the app to have to be redesigned.

Some of the pieces we’ll be working on this month into next might include:

  • Enhancement of the authentication and authorization flow to include Worlds; wallet signing verifies access to…
    • Genesis City scenes owned by the user
    • Public Genesis City scenes
    • [new] Worlds scenes owned by user
    • [new] Public Worlds scenes
  • Selection of a “metaverse” - A user will need to differentiate between Genesis City, and the various worlds (e.g. Foundation Worlds, Atlas Worlds, Local Preview, a few other worlds servers we’ve detected in our data we may expose…)
  • Enhancing a scene report to be compatible with Worlds. For the most part this will be a 1:1 mapping but certain elements may not apply or require adaptation including the Genesis city maps, realm charts

Time permitting, we’ll also include some high level statistics for the worlds selectable in step 2 above. Note: We’ll have to think through a framework for this one - if a world is using our analytics platform then we can say somethings definitively about how much traffic they receive, unlike Genesis City where our analytics might only cover 20% or so of total parcels and 40-50% of world traffic


No blockers at this time. Check back next month for a preview of the new content - if you have a world or other “non-Genesis City land” and are interested in Analytics on your scene, please reach out to be a guinea pig, er… sponsored user.

Next steps

tl;dr - We’ll be working on the following over the next month:

  1. Pushing the new widget updates to production after enough folks have banged on and tested them.
  2. Continuing development work on enhancements to support Worlds including
  • Updating the auth flows
  • Enhancing the front end user experience
  • Overhaul of the back end to support both types of data

Additional notes and links

Great to see all of the Decentraland Art Week scenes using the platform! Imagine our surprise to see 40-something new scenes hit the platform all in the same day! (We’re up to 150 scenes in Genesis city - will update with how many worlds scenes we cover soon).

Reiterating last month’s request: If anyone in the community is going to be at the Decentraland Summit later this year and wants to talk analytics let us know!

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