[DAO:gx7gowu] Add the location 21,6 to the Points of Interest

by 0x90c685c31953c2b2675f723e7fa74efc83fa8fca (Jay)

Not Fungible Arts Complex

Should the scene located at 21,6 be added to the Point of Interest list?


This is the home of Not Fungible’s Art Complex which is the premier luxury art gallery for the Metaverse. We run many events here in DCL and plan to grow our engagement in DCL via the Art Complex going forward.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply for a POI star. Your building is well made and very professional. To me I think locations that are worthy of a Point of Interest star have done the following:

  1. Worked to host events before applying for a POI star
  2. Gotten to know community members and become active within the DCL community
  3. Brought value to the greater Decentraland community in a way that is not self-serving
  4. Minted the name they are proposing the POI with

I’m impressed with the overall build design of this complex, the elevator is a great touch! However I want to make sure we don’t equate bigger with better… You have 13 floors of NFT art, can you speak upon what involvement and interaction you’ve had with the greater Decentraland community already? I know it’s hard to write more in the 250 words they allot you, so if you are able to elaborate here I would appreciate it. Thank you! ~Canessa

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Hey, Canesa!
I’m Max - I work with NotFungible and wanted to jump in and comment on your question.

We have hosted multiple events in our DCL gallery that featured leading industry artists names as Coldie, Marco Mori, Carlos Marcial, Ness Graphics, MBSJQ, XSULLO, and many others.

  • Over 2000 users visited our Gallery’s grand opening event. (we gave out 1000 free wearables at the event);
  • Designed tracksuits for our team and incubator members;
  • Hosted a weekly artist talk event series where we take a tour through the gallery with an artist as they talk about themselves and their art.
  • Every artist has designed wearable tees that we’re giving out in limited qty after each talk
  • There’s a selfie contest (within dcl) during every event
  • We’ll be giving away artist-designed wings to holders of all wearables from the talk series

There are benefits to both realms we’re operating in! We’re bringing people interested in art to the Decentraland by showing a real life utility and use case of the platform and introducing the Decentraland community to the art world we operate in - in an intimate way through artist talks and art shows.

We’re collaborating with one of the leading DCL Architect companies (Voxel Architects) to push the technical possibilities for the galleries. That’s definitely just a beginning for what we’re doing in Decentraland as we look to build more interactive experiences and bring different curated art shows and events to Decentraland.

Add the location 21,6 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 11% 126,801 VP (19 votes)
  • No 89% 991,369 VP (20 votes)