[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #5 for proposal "Doki's Pick n' Mix"

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Hi all! Apologies for the late post, I thought I would make a update when the github was ready, the tutorial was done, the files were compressed etc but I’m still working on that so I wanted to post to make sure everyone can see the work is done and then I’ll just do another short update when the github is out instead so people aren’t let wondering what happened to the workload.


I have finished 2 months worth of work in 1 month month somehow. I did hire a friend (Garrus Flex) to help me with some of the workload and small nitty gritty stuff just to save time so I could concentrate on modelling etc.


Once again, I overestimated how much I could do. Thanks to Garrus for helping me out last month, I would not have finished this on time without him.
I’m focusing on making sure the files are as small as I can make them and are compressed, cleaning up the final blender file and the weight painting is all fixed. I imagine I might have to do a few updates if there are errors people spot.

Next steps

There is still a GitHub to be released which will have a tutorial and a blender file and maybe some notes.

Additional notes and links

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