[DAO:0d96630] Update #2 for proposal "Renewal Grant Support Squad H1 2024 [Resubmission]"

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Hello! This month was very intense for the GSS. We have been working on several proposals to improve the grants program and, as always, closely supporting all active projects. The tool to pause contracts (already regulated) is being very effective, and we have the challenge of implementing, along with the rest of the squads, the 2 governance proposals that have just passed (Budgeting + Freeze non-platform categories).
This update covers the period from Jan15 to Feb12.
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Here are the most important highlights of the month and you can find at the bottom our metrics based on our main goals.

  • The DAO Discord server has finally been cleaned, and the grants channels have been migrated to threads. To continue in contact with the grantees, please use the threads, and, as always, you can check the Public Roadmaps updated monthly.

  • Monthly Financial report for grantees is implemented by the first month and here you have a an easy way to complete it: Template

  • We are working on Proposals to improve the DAO Grants Program. STAGE B is passed: Refine Grant Categories and percentage of budget (Stage B)

  • Vesting Contract Pauses: For how long a vesting contract could be Pause? That was a question that GSS has internally, so we decided to ask the community about through a poll and then we moved forward with the governance process and now it´s a requirement. Info is incorporated in official docs.

  • The DecentralEd project is resigning the grant, and consequently, the DAO will be recovering money (probably $ 30,000). We are very sorry since they are a team highly committed to the platform and the community. We are working closely with them and we will confirm the last decision in the next update.

  • The grantee protocol squad is doing very valuable work, and we highlight it through this blog.

  • We have the First Project funded through the Bidding and Tendering process! A warm hello to the DAPPCRAFT team that will be building the DAO Headquarters!

It has been a great month! Thank you for reading and supporting our work.

Please stay in touch with us via our Discord Thread.

Please continue reading our metrics in the additional notes section

Constructive comments are always welcome :slight_smile:

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Gia, Fifi, Zino & Pablo


Next steps

  • Continue restructuring tasks and working to improve the Grants Program framework.

  • Work together with the other Core Units on the implementation of the 2 governance proposals that have passed regarding the Grants Program: 1) Budgeting 2) Freeze non-platform grants.

  • #TestingTuesdays will continue to be held on Discord, adapting changes as needed.

  • Promotions for grantees in the Decentraland Blog will continue to be produced.

  • Continue onboarding new grantees, assigning grant managers and analyze the feasibility of their roadmaps.

  • Provide support to the current grantees with their problems and requests.

  • Analyze cases that raise concerns and elevate them to the revocations committee if needed.

  • Contribute to the DAO strategic planning.

  • Support grantees for presenting in DAO Townhalls.

  • Keep on building bridges between the Decentraland Foundation and our DAO community.

Additional notes and links

Here is the status update on activities of the month, along with the impact metrics on our proposal based on our three main goals.

Goal 1: Support the grantees

  • We are actively working with 43 projects nowadays (6 projects onboarding, 21 active grants, 4 projects within pause periods and 12 are ending their grant journey - 2 uncompleted for now, 6 already completed- ). All the contracts for the legacy grants have finally ended, consequently, all active projects now belong to the new grants framework and among them, the first project that comes from a tender.

  • We allocated a total of 85.5 hours to interact with grantees, and provide support during this month.

  • This month we have identified 6 problems and requests from grantees 5 of them were solved by our team and one is still in progress.

  • Testing Tuesdays: We have opened a Public Notion Page of our Testing Sessions to provide transparency on the actions of this initiative. This month we had 3 grants. If you want to join future sessions, fill out this form, and we’ll contact you.

Goal 2: Foster transparency

  • Formal Requests are public, to provide transparency on the concerns raised, the status of the process and arguments.

  • We are making public roadmaps with the main goal of opening our reviewing process. This month we have updated 31 public roadmaps with our grantees.

  • We’ve updated the GSS Public Roadmap.

  • We are always encouraging grantees to make their monthly updates, and you can check those out in the dAPP.

  • Every Monday the GSS is sharing the planned tasks for the week in our Discord Thread.

Goal 3: Guarantee an efficient use of the DAO treasury.

  • This month, we analyzed 2 concerns from grants, 1 is being analyzed, 1 is in the notifications stage and 0 grants were elevated to the Revocations Committee. Additionally, there are 4 grants with contracts paused due to delays in their projects, and 2 contracts were unpaused because they met their roadmaps.

Improvements to the Grants Program

  • Proposals: See the highlights above on this update report.

  • Grantees Metrics: We are gathering impact metrics along with the grantees, in compliance to the new requirements of the grant program framework voted earlier this year. However, each grant and category has its own unique characteristics that we are addressing in order to improve them.

Note regarding the financial report

As mentioned in the proposal, since the proposal was approved 15 days later than expected (due to resubmission), the monthly payments correspond to the work for the month of January.

View this update on the Governance dApp