[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #3 for proposal "Doki's Pick n' Mix"

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Apologies for being late again, I got mixed up on when I have to update- my grant supervisor person has cleared this up and I will be posting these on time now, sorry.

This month’s theme was “basics”, it’s meant to mimic Stardoll’s Basic line that I used to adore- sometimes you want something plain against all that is clashing.
Although the modelling was extremely simple, I spent more time in September trying to figure out ways I can quicken my process.


Working on clothes that were simple gave me a lot more insight on how I could quicken the more complex stuff I did and I made more actions in photoshop and created more shortcuts to help me work.
Because I went so basic with this theme, I ended up feeling a little guilty like it was lazy so I ended up actually doing x2 the amount of colours I’d promised to do, I went with x4 colours per item. I tried to keep the colours pretty neutral and didn’t want them to be too strayed from the first lot of assets I did in August. I want people to be able to mix and match so if there’s a bright red t-shirt against a green patterned bottom, it could look a little weird. It was odd trying to find harmony in colours while also making them different to last themes. My favourite is the black colour, it’s so simple and goes with all the outfits.
I also found you can kind of piece these fits together ontop of each other (the tops at least) so in future, I may come back and make more variations but as I’m still behind, I don’t want to create more than I promised as that’ll set me back more.

Here is the hair for this month! Making unisex hair is kinda odd so I might have to do male/female hair which is just more work so I’m doing my best to avoid it as I’m behind. For this hair, I used an asset I’d made previously and basically just completely changed where the ponytail should sit.
External Image

Here are the male and female heads- believe it or not, I felt this was more difficult because how can I make such simple heads EVEN more simple? I just wiped out a lot of colour and details, even in the eyes I made them less detailed than usual. I think it works.
External Image

Here you can see all the tops, bottoms and full bodies together. They’ve been randomly assorted in the way they’re put together for less spam of images across the update.
External Image

Here is an example of all the colour schemes! They look awful like this together (unless you like this sort of thing) but they’re not really made to have 4 different colour schemes smashed together, it’s just to showcase what colour schemes are there. Like I said previously, I tried to still make sure there could be some unison between this month’s theme and last month’s theme when it came to colour.
External Image


The only thing that made this project delayed was last month’s project being delayed. I need to get AHEAD to get back on track so I’m working on doing that somehow.

Next steps

My next step is to do next month’s theme!

Additional notes and links

To finish the update, I do also want to point that I really am concentrating on making sure there is quality even across a “plain” theme.
To someone who doesn’t know 3D, they might look at this and be like “oh, she just made a plain shirt and coloured it black” but I went through the whole process of making sure the shirts and trousers had interesting rims and some extra detail and I didn’t just “colour fill” it black, I did high to low poly assets, I baked the crumbs out of them and even added individual seams in photoshop. I hope my efforts can be seen!

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