[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #1 for proposal "Doki's Pick n' Mix"

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Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Sorry for the late update, I’m still getting used to how all this works, I’d updated on Discord but didn’t realise I had to do it here :3
This month has been very fun and I’ve enjoyed creating for it.


All the heads. Originally I was supposed to create 2 heads but I decided to swap shapes and textures. One has a stronger jaw and one has a smaller chin. Then their textures have been swapped on both shapes.

Two hair styles alternatives instead of one

Changeable hair colours that you can edit in nodes with nodes on how to do (working on a tutorial to show the ins and outs too)

Unisex top and bottom

male top and bottom alternatives

female top and bottom alternatives

male and female full body fits

An extra alternative shoe without big laces and shortened cuffs so less clipping issues with lower bottoms


An extra accessory too


And 3 different colour schemes instead of 2

I’ve made it so that instead of exporting out GLB files, these will be customizable and selectable in blender.
This counts with the hair, skin and eye colour. Originally there were only going to be 3 skin tones and 12 hair colours but with the file being changeable in Blender, you have millions of options at your hands instead, knocking out the original amount of variations I first quoted. Also now I’ve added eye colour to be changeable, that’s also a huge amount of options in comparison to none.


I think I may have over-estimated exactly how much work I promised but it’s kinda fun at the same time, I think at this point I need to be stressed 24/7 to enjoy work.
This project was delayed within the last part of the month because of the rigging but I found a way to mass rig everything together and as it doesn’t need to be updated until I post the Blender file, I’m thinking I can hold off on that and do all monthly themes together.
I also definitely struggled getting texturing done in one week, it spanned over 2-3 so I’m changing how my schedule works and really nailing down the first week so I can concentrate better within the last half of the month.

Next steps

I’m looking to get started on my next theme; spooky season! I’m also working on cleaning up my nodes in every file, making it easy to understand things and working on a video for people to export very easily within 2-3 minutes.

Additional notes and links

This was more work than I had thought but I found a lot of ways to minimize time in areas so I can really increase the quality I put out.
Originally I did quote a specific number of variations (90+) that could be exported a month but with a colour wheel that has an average of 16777216 possible colours for hair, skin and eyes each, I think I may have blown the possible amount of variations out of the water. Maybe.

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This looks really good. Rigging characters are always a pain, i always keep it for end.