[DAO:e87c91c] Cooky Cafe Simulator - Development and Expansion

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Cooky is a cafe simulator game on DCL where players run their cafes by serving food orders to customer NPCs and earning Cooky coins. Users can reinvest the coins to improve their cafe by buying different in-game assets such as wearables, consumable items, food machines, robot helpers, etc.

All in-game assets are minted as NFTs and can be freely traded in any NFT marketplace. The game is hosted on 3x2 land parcels (-45,106). Our mission with Cooky is to build an open ecosystem that allows users to create their own custom cafes and invite other players to visit and contribute to the success of their cafes.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Cooky is a first-of-its-kind, free-to-play and play-to-earn cafe simulator game on DCL where players fulfil food orders generated by NPCs and earn Cooky coins in return.


In the current version, all players have 3 machines in their cafe, namely Pizza Oven, Burger Maker, and Soda Vending machine. Players are required to input “Raw Material” into these machines to make the final product. Currently, there is a standard “Raw Material” stack that is free of cost and can be used on any of the machines.
Once the raw material is equipped, machines take a few seconds to prepare their respective food items. Users can pick up these items and deliver them to NPCs on their tables to complete their orders. Once the order is completed, NPCs leave Cooky coins on their tables which once collected are added to the player’s coin counter. Players can reinvest their Cooky coins to buy in-game assets from the Cooky marketplace and improve their earnings.
The success of one’s cafe can be measured by the “Popularity Index” which depends on the number of orders the cafe has fulfilled up until now.

Long-Term Vision

We want to build an ecosystem that allows players to create their own custom cafe on the metaverse and invite peers to visit and contribute to the success of their cafe. We will build in-game assets including different food machines, wearables with in-game benefits, customizable table-chair sets, and robots that will help you cater to customers. Players can buy these items using MANA or Cooky coins and equip them in their cafe. We will also launch a bunch of consumable items with temporary in-game benefits.

Along with the diverse in-game assets, we also want to build a co-op mode where players can share their resources and earnings and run a single cafe. Players will have different roles and the cafe’s profits will be divided based on those roles.

Below are the gameplay elements of the game:

Food Machines

  • Currently, there are 3 food machines: Pizza Oven, Burger Maker and Vending Machine
  • Each machine have a 1:1 ratio of Raw Material input and Food item output.
  • In the future, we will launch many more food machines and allow users to buy them from the in-game marketplace
  • Users will be able to place new machines and change the location of existing machines
  • Machines will also be upgradeable. Upgrades will increase the cost of its food item, holding capacity and it’s speed.

Table-Chair sets

  • Currently, there are 4 tables by default. Each table can accommodate a maximum of 4 NPCs
  • In the future, players will be able to buy more table-chair sets and place them in their cafe, thus improving the capacity of their cafe
  • We will also provide table-chair sets with different designs and capacities (4,6,8 NPCs per table)

Wearables and Consumables

  • Currently, we have 2 DCL wearables, a Junior Chef, and a Deputy Chef
  • Deputy Chef , when equipped, increases the overall earnings by 10%
  • We’ll soon launch Good Luck Cat consumable which increases the inflow of NPCs to the cafe for 5 minutes
  • We will launch more wearables/consumables with benefits such as increased tray capacity, faster movement speed, increased inflow of NPC, etc

Robot Helpers

  • Robot/NPC helpers will be added in the upcoming updates.
  • They will help in serving prepared food items to the NPCs and in equipping raw materials for the food machines

Please note that all the above in-game assets will be minted as ERC-721 NFTs on the Polygon chain


To take Cooky to the next level and create the features mentioned above we will need to work on it full-time with a team of developers and designers. During this first phase of expansion, we will also do experiments on revenue generation to make the Cooky ecosystem self-sustainable.

Tech Stack

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

  • Hardhat
  • Solidity
  • Infura as provider
  • Web3.py

Frontend and Design

  • DCL SDK 6 + Typescript
  • ecs-scene-utils library
  • ui-utils library
  • Blender
  • Photoshop/Photopea

Backend and Database

  • Python
  • FastAPI backend
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway
  • MongoDB


  • Github for code versioning
  • Github Actions for CI/CD
  • Whimsical/Lucidchart for flow diagramming + mockups
  • Discord for communication + Discord bots for internal usage stats alerts

Milestones Achieved:

  • Launched on 9 Nov 2022
  • Total unique registered users till now: 579
  • Total Cooky Coins earned till now: 505268
  • Growth of Discord community to 90 members
  • Growth of Twitter community to 149 followers
  • Launched the leaderboard based on community feedback on 21 Nov 2022
  • First wearable airdrop on 30 Nov 2022 to 10 lucky winners
  • Launched in-game marketplace with 2 Decentraland wearables on 13 Dec 2022

How it helps the DCL community

  • Inflow of new users on DCL to play a cafe simulator game
  • Till now we have seen good stickiness on the game, which will result in more time spend and better retention of current and upcoming users on DCL
  • Players will be able to design and launch their own Cafe. We will allow them to host their cafe on different parcels which will be beneficial for LAND owners
  • Our team of developers will provide continuous reporting of bugs and improvements needed in the SDK 7
  • We are developing a series of educational content for beginner developers to learn about DCL’s SDK.
  • Out of the total profit earned by Cooky through wearables and in-game sales, 10% will be contributed to DCL treasury

Revenue generation

  • Launching ERC-20 token for Cooky coin and doing Token sales for crypto investors
  • Wearables and In-game asset sale: 25% of all items sold on the primary marketplace and 2.5% of all secondary sales will go into Cooky treasury
  • For hosting one’s cafe on private LAND parcels, Cooky will charge a monthly subscription fee for infrastructure maintenance and updates

Budget Breakdown

Please visit this link.


  • Prakhar Singhal (Co-Founder, CEO) LinkedIn
  • Deepansh Mathur (Co-Founder, CTO) LinkedIn
  • Shivansh Singhal aka Slyfernet (Fullstack Dev)
  • Dhruv Manral aka Heretic (Designer and developer)

To be hired:
Community Manager and Marketing expert
Part-time 3D artist
Part-time 2D designer

Join Cooky’s discord here.

Cooky is the first game hosted by the Indieverse team on DCL. As a team of game developers and designers, we are looking forward to building casual games on DCL and taking the ecosystem forward. Until now we have been working with B2B clients to bring them to DCL. We created employee onboarding portals, retail showrooms, mini-games, etc. for our clients on DCL. Checkout our projects here. But building games has always been our passion and we love to build for this community. We support decentralized economics in games and the decentralized internet, particularly the decentralized metaverse. We aim to build many more casual games with high-level gameplay, a strong economy, and reward mechanics on DCL.

Roadmap and milestones



  • Shifting Cooky Cafe to a larger LAND Parcel
  • Release 4 more Wearables with different in-game effects
  • Release 3 consumable items, on top of the 1 already launched, with different in-game effects
  • Release a Table-Chair set which can be bought from the Cooky Marketplace and can be placed on the reserved spot for table
  • Release 3 more Food Machines which can be bought from the Cooky Marketplace, with the option to place them on reserved spots
  • Bi-Weekly Cooking Parties on a relevant theme at the time


  • Release 4 more Wearables with different in-game effects
  • Food Machine upgrade NFTs which will modify the machines and make them unique.
  • High-quality raw material launch on Cooky Marketplace
  • Bi-Weekly Cooking Parties on a relevant theme at the time
  • Launch of ERC-20 token for Cooky coin with withdrawal functionality in the marketplace
  • Release of first-generation Robot Helpers. They will help players run their cafe.

Future Plans

  • Fully customizable cafe design where players can place their machines, tables, menu board, etc. anywhere.
  • Colour theme options for walls and machines to give your cafe a unique look
  • Players will be able to invite others to their cafe and order food like an NPC
  • Players will be able to deploy their cafe on their own LAND parcels
  • Co-op mode: Players can form clans and merge their resources to host a large-scale cafe.

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Some screengrabs from the game!

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Hey lordlike, can you please give some feedback on what you didnt like? Maybe we can work on it?

High-quality games with blockchain mechanics are most welcome in Decentraland as they will show what the engine can do and what a good metaverse experience looks like.

In the same way, as the proposal specifies, well-developed games should help retain active users to stay around and explore Decentraland more.

Thanks alot for the support @MMDCL
We will try our best to keep up with the quality!

Hi @nwiz , can you please share some feedback on what we can do to improve our proposal?

Hi, I don’t think this is a good allocation of DAO funds ($60K) for a project that is ~37 days old.

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Interesting point NWIZ, that this project is around 37 days old. I’ll be voting no also. Prakhar it looks like you have the start to a great game! There are games that have been here for months who are also asking for funding from the DAO. I’d like to look carefully at where we are spending our funds, and putting more money into games at this time might not be in the best long-term interest of the DAO. But as the rest of us are doing, keep building and developing your idea!

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Yesss!! I want to see more variety of games in DCL! Other games have been given funds, I think this game should as well. The more we have to do in DCL the more enjoyable it is :smile: Good Luck!

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Hi @nwiz and @Canessa , I totally understand your concern but please know we have been working on this for 3 months before the final launch. So it’s been almost 127 days when this project started. It’s a completely bug free version and if you play it once you will notice that the gameplay and animations are much smoother than any other game on DCL. We convinced some really talented and experienced game devs to work with us in making this project possible and you will see that in the quality of the game.

Without the funds we won’t be able to convince them to keep working, the speed of updates will be very low and the community may loose interest.

Also I understand that there are other games older than us who also need grants but I doubt that any of them has a better user engagement than us. Within 1 month of launch we have 25 average daily users which is higher than some of the previously funded games. Also the avg time spend is almost 20 mins per user per day. I am not sure of other games on DCL but as an industry standard 20 mins means that’s it’s sticky and people are liking it.

We believe the games will be the entry point for any new user joining the metaverse and before the next bull run starts, DCL should be full of such games which can engage users. I understand it’s a bit early for us but if we wait for another quarter to speed up our efforts, we may loose the interest of players. We want a full time working team on DCL to make Cooky one of the top games and therefore funds are necessary.

I request you to please reconsider your vote and notice the hard work which we have put into building Cooky by playing it for some time. The feature of personalised cafés that we want to launch has never been done on DCL and once we launch it the community will definitely love it!

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Cookies is a cool game, I played for a little bit and it was fun… but as presented here: [DAO:520c3a3] DAO Grants Program - Budgeting System we have spent half of the grant money on games and it has had little effect on increasing traffic or mass adoption… and where it has, there is still little self-sustainability. You mention developing a series of educational content, but it is not highlighted in your roadmap. You also mention giving a percentage of in-game sales to the DAO, but your revenue generation includes launching a token and doing sales for crypto investors, but that’s not included in your budget breakdown… It’s great that you have generated a little traffic but I’m not sold on the idea that we will have an inflow of new users to play a cafe simulator game.

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Hey @CheddarQueso , thanks for sharing your concerns.

To answer your queries :

  1. Most of the money has gone to games, but if you notice, most active players spend most of their time on games on DCL. Games are the only products with any form of revenue and a stable user base. Being completely self-sustainable is still a bit far off, but as the overall traffic on DCL improves, we will see games as the first products generating stable revenue!
  2. I didn’t mention the education content on the roadmap because Deepansh and I are working on it with a separate set of individuals who are not a part of Cooky and we are working on it even if we don’t get the grant. It’s just that if we get the grant, we can work full-time on DCL and we will be able to produce the content faster.
  3. Token sales are not included in the budget breakdown because we will not be doing any token sales in the next 6 months, which the roadmap is about. Diluting the token too soon will not be a good idea. Ideally want to have enough revenue with in-game sales so that we can delay token sales for a long time.

Hope this provides some more insight. If you have any more queries, feel free to drop by on our discord. Thanks!!

Personally, I think looks like a fun game! I have friends who play Overcooked over and over, even after they beat the levels. I could see this being played a lot and bringing some needed stickiness to Decentraland.

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This a Yes from me. Would love more cooperative based games in Decentraland and if this leads to that like overcooked I am in!

Cooky Cafe Simulator - Development and Expansion

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 4% 310,227 VP (22 votes)
  • No 96% 6,291,346 VP (46 votes)