[DAO:dd9aa95] DCL Talent Grant Proposal

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DCL Talent Grant Proposal

Problem Statement

The Decentraland (DCL) community is facing challenges in terms of performance and graphics. Despite our virtual world’s tremendous success in the blockchain metaverse, we continue to grapple with issues related to handling large-scale interactions and improving graphical quality. To further enhance the quality of DCL and attract a larger user base, we need skilled talent to address these challenges.


Should we propose offering bid substantial grants to attract top talent to address DCL’s performance and graphics issues. These grants will be provided to teams or individuals with relevant experience and expertise to focus on resolving the following issues:

Performance Optimization: Enhancing DCL’s performance to support more concurrent users and more complex interactions.

Graphic Upgrades: Improving the graphical quality of DCL, including higher resolutions, more realistic effects, and greater visual detail.


Here are key reasons supporting this proposal:

Attracting Top Talent: Offering substantial grants will attract individuals or teams with exceptional skills and experience, capable of bringing innovative solutions.

Enhancing User Experience: Resolving performance and graphics issues will enhance the user experience in DCL, attracting more users and investors.

Driving Development: Addressing these issues will contribute to the long-term development of DCL, making it more competitive and sustainable.

Community Consensus: Decisions regarding these grants will undergo community discussions and voting, ensuring consensus and transparency.


In order to continue improving DCL and maintain its leading position in the blockchain metaverse, we propose offering bid substantial grants to attract top talent for addressing performance and graphics issues. This will be a long-term investment, expected to bring more success and innovation to DCL. We encourage the community to discuss and vote on this proposal to determine the best way forward.

This proposal is designed as a framework that you can adjust and expand according to the specific needs and opinions of the DCL community. Success of the proposal depends on community support and consensus, so it’s advisable to have extensive discussions and voting before submission.

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Trying to force through something like ‘better graphics/quality’ is a recipe for failure.

We have a bidding/tendering system - if you want this to happen you need to find the right people, who understand the ecosystem, and help guide them through a grants process.

Trying to shoe-horn a program like this, when the right people may not even have time or availability, will likely ensure a race to the bottom where the lowest bidder/highest experience wins - but this alone does not ensure quality nor success.

Furthermore, the graphics and limitations are mostly a platform level issue, one that would need to be rectified by an entirely new client, or working directly with the foundation to improve key services.

Incredibly keen to have this happen, but this is not the way.

I continue to reach out to other proven metaverse devs such as the hyperfy team hopeful for a partnership for a webXR client - but it is a LONG road.

Yes, of course. Thank you for your comment. Let’s discuss more about it. If we believe this is an issue, we should push for it until it’s resolved. We must advertise to hire the right talent.

the need for expertise in graphics and quality improvements, we should consider advertising and hiring professionals who have a deep understanding of the DCL ecosystem. Finding the right talent, particularly those experienced in the metaverse space, is essential. This approach will enable us to collaborate with experts who can contribute to enhancing DCL’s graphics and overall quality.

To ensure well-planned and executed improvements, we should focus on clear communication, collaboration, and a structured grants process. By involving experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of DCL, we can set the right priorities and work together effectively. This approach will help us avoid rushing and ensure that improvements are implemented in a way that enhances the platform without compromising quality.

A LONG road is an excuse if we put the grant into the right place. Decentraland will grow much faster.

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If we can have a plan around exactly what kind of technological advancements we need (in terms of actual implementation architecture) I think I would be keen for this - my current reservations are mostly that it may be too generic, as making good graphics/performance is quite simple when ignoring decentralized limitations, and I’m worried we would bring in teams that are incompatible with the future roadmap of foundation / godot client / webXR etc.

If we can come together with DCL Dev community & foundation to rebuild the architecture roadmap, perhaps we can start filling those roles via DAO tendering.

Not a bad idea at all! I am just hesitant until we see some specifics.

Great to chat with you, and I appreciate your insights. I may not be tech-savvy, but I can identify the issues at hand. The current disarray within our DAO is largely due to the lack of a clear roadmap. I believe that having a well-defined roadmap and initiating development through DAO bidding could yield excellent results. This not only effectively addresses the issues mentioned above but could also drive progress in various other aspects.

One thing I’m not quite sure about is why the foundation hasn’t resolved the graphics/performance issues. Is it due to a lack of technical expertise, or is there reluctance to make changes? This is a crucial question. Perhaps they are actively seeking solutions, but it takes time and resources. At this point, we can explore collaboration with the foundation to understand their specific circumstances and see if there are opportunities for support or cooperation on this issue.

DCL Talent Grant Proposal

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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  • No 67% 4,161,832 VP (33 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 72,625 VP (2 votes)