[DAO:dbc433e] Competition prizes and contender shirt for Rock, Paper, Scissors

by 0x7c127c92eba3f5a321116c59ef5da709e61c0af0 (SurdegenS)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Thank you for taking the time to review our Grant Proposal.

We at @NoPaperHandsDCl seek to bring the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to Decentraland.
We will be using the emote set from a generous partner, Studio Sparkles.
We would like to apply for a grant to make prizes, competition wearables and a boxing ring for our tournament.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The tournament will be nine events the first season. Teams will compete against each other.
We will host eight event battles. Each battle will have 16 competitors.
The events will be held every second week, beginning November 21, 2022, with a Christmas break.
The eight biweekly winners will continue to the ninth and final battle of Season 1.

We hope to bring people together for a fun event.
We will broadcast this event on Twitter, Discord and/or Twitch.

We are working with different creators.
To begin, we will use their venues for the contests or rent land.
We have a developer currently working on the boxing ring.
We also hope to pay our prize wearable creators $150 per creation as well as publishing cost.

Wearable Prizes

1 Mythic = 10pcs for 8 winners
1 Unique = To the winner of season final
1 Legendary blue team = legendary 64 pcs
1 Legendary red team = legendary 64 pcs
1 Unique NPH = 10 pcs for the team members


Mythic wearable for the winner of the winners.
150 USD Creator, 150 USD Publish

Unique wearable for the event winners
150 USD Creator, 150 USD Publish

Team shirts for the contenders x 2
300 USD Creator, 300 USD Publish

NoPaperHands team shirt
150 USD Creator, 150 USD Publish

1000 USD
20% USD Uncertainties


OLD Filemaker Pro CRM system developer if anyone remembers Filemaker.
Front end developer for 5 years about 20 years ago in finance.
Now Site manager and project manager in construction in the 1M to 10M range budget since then.

Sherrybeary (Co- Event Organizer and Co-Host) Award winning graphic designer and artist with more than 20 years of experience in the Art industry. Sherry joined the crypto space in 2018, after learning about ETH and its benefits. Decentraland was a fluid transition for an artist looking to express herself beyond the confines found in real life. Sherry has years of experience curating, and running small shops catered for artists. She loves expressing herself through her avatar, and she is optimistic of the future of Decentraland, and the Metaverse.

Roadmap and milestones

Competition. November 21, 2022 we begin with the first contest, having the team and contender shirts ready.

Award Prizes. Winners will receive their prizes after the contest or we airdrop when ready.

Boxing Ring. The ring will hopefully be ready for the first battle, if not we will do without it for the first events.

After Season 1 we evaluate and will start to plan for Season 2.

We sincerely thank you for reviewing our proposal.

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I think this is a fun idea, low budget. From my understanding all funds will go towards these the development and organization of rock, paper, Scissors Tournaments on Decentraland

@SurDegen has been a vary supportive and love community member to any one that has ever spoken to him. I wish you luck on this proposal and hope to see Rock, Paper, Scissor tournaments on decentraland in the near future ^.^


Yeah I think I misunderstood!

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My whole life is built to to this moment. so easy YES from me. @SurdegenS i look forward to the rock paper expansion in DCL. mabye next grant can ask enough to hire The Rock himself to play.


I deleted my comments because I dont want to take away from this. I misunderstood the proposal. I made a mistake.

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Yes I am glad we sorted this out and in a polite way, I hope the rest of the NO side will support this too or explain why so maybe I could explain and get their support as well. This is a fart in space or a piddle in the ocean compare to other grants and it is all back to the community.

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I see this as being a fun, interactive way to get people participating in DCL. We need activities like this right now that bring elements of play back to Decentraland. Good luck!


Both Surdegen and Sherrybeary support many events and I am happy to see them put together an event of their own. I think that I will vote…

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Low budget compared to what else is be being funded by the DAO, but we are still talking about 3,000 USD for a rock paper scissors competition!
3,000 is not cheap, cheaper than 240k into twitter ads, but that’s a month of salary for some people.


Hey HP Thank you for your reply hope you are well ^.^

yes i agree 3k is a lot of money but from what I’m reading all funds will go towards the creation of this competition, since reading your reply i have made the effort too to reach out to @SurdegenS to ask him how i can help him cut costs.

To my understanding @SurdegenS is not accepting any funds to compensate for his own time. He wants to do this solely as a way to provide something fun for our users. In our conversation he mentioned he needed some of funds for land rental and hosting services. I agreed that i would provide him with land and hosting services. @HPrivakos would you help me Help @SurdegenS cut costs by providing him with a ring for his rock, paper ,scissors competition?

If you would be willing Build and code a ring for him that would cut 1K out of the grants cost + i can cut land and hosting service cost. that way we save the Dao some funds and we can both help contribute to something that could be a lot of fun. ^.^


So what your saying is the dao has chance to award a rock paper scissors champion a months salary in some countries. Thats epic. { Ha ha editing this realize now they would get a wearable not mana prize. Had me excited for minute. }


I still see this as a cool event for community. Pay some creators. Reward some players and make some vids which will be used to showcase the awesomeness of the world, The dao and the community. To be fair id be surprised to see so much done for so little. @HPrivakos


I’d be happy to help develop the code for it, I can also lend lands if needed.
Someone else would need to do the modeling if it needs any.
I’d do it only under the condition that everything is open source and under a permissive license.
I think it might be wise to do rock paper scissor emote (one for each) instead of wearables, it would also be useful for the game itself.


Transparency for our 3000 USD Grant

Our intention is to create a platform that we can deploy at different places to draw attention to their project and place. That’s mainly why we don’t want to use the boxing ring some people have talked about. That is also made of a bigger project and would stand at a bigger project, but also it’s made different from what we had in mind.
When we saw the emotes for the rock, paper and scissors we said…. We have to do this. This is so cool and would create a living event that would bring the community together in a totally different way than any of what we have seen in Decentraland before.

This is for the creators and projects in Decentraland that are small and do not have the budget for shout out, advertise on billboards and other ways you are trying to highlight your project today. We come to you !

We have reached out to various persons and projects and invited them to join as a “company event” at our event to challenge other projects or decentraland citizens.
All this in different places during our 9 events and we are planning to have them in different time zones to make it accessible for everybody to attend at some point at least.

Why we want to make wearables is for making this an attractive event that people really want to attend and not just tag 3 friends and wish for the best.
And here we are using creators from decentraland to make them.

The developer we have been in contact with didn’t ask for get paid and would do this in his free time because he liked the idea but we think he would get something and we have been trying to reach out in different ways what would be reasonable to pay before we posted the grant without any feedback, maybe we posted it wrong.

We ourselves were going to try to use open source code from github and implement it in our platform and we don’t mind sharing the code we create ourselves but to post the whole platform ready to use to everybody just to deploy would just make this whole idea of bringing the community to small places useless. Then anyone, big and small would be able to just deploy it and if you just make the most attractive prize we would be at square one where a small project might not be able to make it attractive enough to bring attention.

But also as I have understood we kind of have to share it so other projects would be able to deploy it on their land? Should we share it? Or should we try to rent land beside the project?
All we wanted is a platform and some nice prizes to have some fun.
We would do this at Genesis Plaza and give Hodl glasses to the winners if we didn’t get the grant.

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Competition prizes and contender shirt for Rock, Paper, Scissors

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 70% 2,475,424 VP (63 votes)
  • No 30% 1,092,072 VP (9 votes)
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Competition prizes and contender shirt for Rock, Paper, Scissors

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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Hi HPrivakos. I have got the 3D model without advertising and put a DCL logo on the floor so it can be open source as I figured that it should not have ads. I had a lot of questions and thought about this but asked around and as I wrote in our Discord I am up for doing the open source since it need to be that way if we want it to be deployed at different places. I don’t know where to best answer you to continue so I try here too. How do we proceed with this?

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