[DAO:be0a721] ART or DAI Battles (Revised Submission)

by 0x7616e594f1832d0dc7aad3923967d76fd98416e2 (BBStudios)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


The SandBox has 250K players during its first 2 seasons , Decentraland barely manages to get over 1k players on a good day. We need to re-create the play to earn model to draw in more players.

Grant size

25,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



We’ll use MOCA as our curator for a 3 month tournament of art battles. We’ll purchase the art and give away art the winner of each battle to one lucky player/voter. The last battle will go down between all of the winners for the grand prize.


We’re using our custom voting system utilizing POAP dispensers, firebase, and custom SDK code.


We’re co-founders from Columbus, OH. We complement each others strengths very well, with formal education in art and computer programming. We have owned 38,103 on bbstudios.eth wallet since December of 2019. The address we provided for funds deposit will be reverse resolved to artordai.eth and is the company(registered LLC) wallet.

Roadmap and milestones

We’ll do 12 battles $1000 in art purchases and prizes each. $5K will go to final prize.

I’m going on Blockchain & Booze as a dedicated guest to talk about this project in a couple weeks, and possibly out to BlockchainLA summit. Getting brand traction and outside sponsors will pay dividends down the road, and we believe using this model will 10x daily users on battle days.

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Good idea, I also think we need something like Sandbox seasons but I guess we need more serious
and global approach to do it.

Well we have 2 whale NO votes, might as well pack it in. It would be really helpful to get feedback from people who vote no.

There are 500 concurrent users constantly, no way there is only 1k players per day

Most P2Es are doomed to fail and POAP is not a good tool anymore IMO.

The budget says 12x1k + 5k, that’s 7k missing to go to 25k.

I don’t think giving away money is a good way to keep people. People will come for a few minutes to try to grab the prize for sure, but it’s not a good solution to keep them on the long time.

The NOs are less than 1M, it’s doesn’t change anything to the proposal exvept showing a non agreement to it.
If you consider 100k a whale, you might also say that there are two whales voting YES

That look like 500 to you?

The remaining $8k will be used to hire a TikTok and Twitch operator to cover the battles and to pay myself and bake.eth a little compensation for running the battles. To push back against HPrivakos: This is peanuts money compared to what’s being authorized. We are buying art and giving it away to players, that’s not the same as just giving away tons of money.

You should at least take time to do additions before trying to prove me wrong with a screenshot that confirm what I said :grimacing:
188+118+52+44+24+24+23+18+15+10 = 516

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HI BBStudios,
Thank you for submitting this grant. I voted no because I feel like there could have been more details in the expenditures. You are going to use this grant to purchase art to give away, which is an idea I can support. But my issue is: How do you choose which art you going to purchase? A grant of this size could easily be used to turn around and buy art from friends, family, or even the recipient of the grant. What safeguards to you have in place to prevent this? What protocol do you use when choosing which art will be purchased?

ART or DAI Battles (Revised Submission)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 17% 285,582 VP (38 votes)
  • No 83% 1,326,484 VP (19 votes)