[DAO:db62fbc] A novel emotional feedback interface for In-World feedback and ratings

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We want to make sure our users are having a positive experience, and this means we need to get direct feedback and we believe that this can be achieved via interfacing a feedback interaction into the environment, either after key interactions (like two people interacting), or at specific locations (like gates, or doors).

The main goal is to ensure our users have maximum exposure to the great content in decentralized without time consuming or complex forms that make you have to stop and think.

We believe feedback can be as easy as swiping, or looking at something, and in our case, we believe that feedback can be replaced by interacting with an animated Emoji.

Grant size

81,000 USD

Project duration

7 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Firstly, we care deeply about each and every one of you, we want to ensure the users in decentraland are happy and we believe that by monitoring the happiness levels of users in decentraland through key feedback interactions we can ensure the happiness and longevity of the whole community for decades to come!

We would also like to direct the community to our whitepaper for more comprehensive answer to the above question: Gracie Whitepaper v1.0 - Google Docs

Roadmap and milestones

Month -1
Market Research - Complete
Whitepaper - Complete
Website - Complete
2D animations and Proof of Concept - Complete

We are Here

Month 1
Development of Web Application and Admin Dashboard

Month 2
Development of Core Blockchain features
Feedback Privacy features using ZK-Snark and Circom Circuits

Month 3
Development of Feedback Interface (3D Animation)

Month 4
Integration of Feedback Interface and Blockchain (Database Infrastructure)

Month 5
Development of payments Functions to reward users for participation.

Month 6
Product testing and refinement

Month 7
General Availability

Month 8

Month 9

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I’m not sure why that needs 3d animations, ZK-Snark and rewards for users.
A basic feedback system can be done in 4 hours and 5 USD for a year using AWS Lambdas

Hi! It’s nice to meet you! I’m not sure if we’ve met before, as you are submitting under an unminted, unnamed name.

Firstly, we care deeply about each and every one of you, we want to ensure the users in decentraland are happy

This sentence above kind of felt awkward to me since I haven’t seen you active before. Can you tell us more about your experience in Decentraland? Have you attended events, built any other existing infrastructure, or otherwise interacted with the users of Decentraland? Otherwise it feels very disingenuous to express that you care deeply for the users here if the users don’t know you. Also, please include any pertinent information in the body of your proposal, users do not like the liability of having to click external links like you posted, as it is a security threat.

I look forward to getting to know you better! ~Canessa

A novel emotional feedback interface for In-World feedback and ratings.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 545 VP (19 votes)
  • No 98% 6,181,541 VP (112 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 4,519 VP (13 votes)

Hi Sorry for the delayed response, I am new to the Dao and wasnt 100% across the process.

Firstly thanks for your responses/questions and votes I am greatly appreciative.

@Canessa I apologize if I made you feel awkward, thats wasnt my intention, we just think its very important to ensure people are feeling good while they spend time in the metaverse, we dont want it to become some sort of matrix where peoples emotions are being neglected, this happens enough in the real world, let alone a digital world with no emotional interfacing.

Regarding your other questions, you are correct we are not active players, but we still care about your experience none the less, because its likely to become all of our experiences, as time spent in the metaverse is predicted to increase.

@HPrivakos ZK needs to be used to prevent collusion and provide anonymous assurances to individuals so they are not punished for providing feedback; if you asked for feedback and someone gave you negative feedback, you could use this against them, we dont want to see that happen.

We will re-apply for this grant and communicate the idea better in the next application.

@Canessa @HPrivakos we would love for your continued support, if you want to speak to me directly I am in the Discord and my username is frankiebarns