[DAO:d90f2f9] Should we remove all vp from DISTRICTS?

by 0xac097c7e31a2add6244a0f36dba5776d04f5a3fc (LTC)

There are many districts which are controlled by people with evil intentions. They just want to get free money from DAO . They imaginary many useless PPTs and then ask DAO for money .
A good district leader won’t take part in voting, their VP belong to district community .
But there are still some people who can do everything for profits .
Many districts are out of control now. We must stop it.

  • remove it
  • dont’t remove
  • Invalid question/options

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I saw same things in last bear market . At that time, there were no funds in the DAO, but many distrists had no leaders. What does this mean ? It means lots of free lands. So what they do? They made good ppt and became district leader when we didn’t realized. They controlled the distrists and then sell then in bull market.

hey can you look into your private messages?

Created by someone who voted yes to double VP of LANDs :grimacing:

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Fine, for one who didn’t voting for 2-3 years, after reading more DAO and know more about those who is voting. I think I’m stupid like a kid.
Everybody has their own thoughts and profits.
I’ll vote invalid opinion to end this stupid question.

I strongly believe that the ‘solution’ for this is to start looking towards an incentives structure for LAND owners. And when I say this, I mean both positive and negative incentives.

Maybe we should dissolve all districts and reissue new parcels. :grinning:

Only people making bad-faith defenses of RobL have ever suggested dissolving all districts.

One or two bad districts hardly warrant such rhetoric in regard to all districts.

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I know a proposal like this would never pass but oh man how sweet would that be

How do you even describe districts?
All lands that are currently marked as districts on the map?
All that that were at some points marked as districts?
DragonCity sold lot of lands, do the buyer have VP?
DG bought the lands off of Vegas, do they have VP? They bought lands like anyone else.


yea there’s not a very straight forward answer, and as said above not all districts are part of the problem either. But having a single party have a disproportionate amount of power is a centralization risk that wasn’t accounted for when the decision to give VP to LAND owners was made. To me it would’ve been smarter to leave district LANDs without VP at that point, but now its too late for that.

Should we remove all vp from DISTRICTS ?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Remove it 2% 206,656 VP (19 votes)
  • Dont’t remove 20% 1,647,008 VP (30 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 78% 6,360,213 VP (53 votes)