[DAO:d251c06] The Raverse 2023: DJ Events, Wearables, Roland Lifestyle Collab & More

by 0x11db2b311be49bd10e311a34e4207f1378b34d12 (gmstudios)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


GM Studios is asking for your vote and support to help fund its 2023 plans.

We are a web3 studio dedicated to create engaging experiences through storytelling, blockchain and community. We created the Random Ravers, an international community in the intersection of fashion and music.

Our work in Decentraland throughout 2022 includes participating in the Pride Festival and the Metaverse Music Festival. We built The Raverse where +15 artists performed and we gave away +12,000 free wearables including Roland’s iconic 808 puffer jacket. These experiences were 100% funded by our team.

Our main goal is to provide value to the DCL community by growing its user base and exploring new ways of enjoying music and entertainment experiences.

Grant size

39,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Raverse is a safe haven to party for eternity. It is our music stage and home that was built in a 3x3 estate in the Music Festival District. At a Rave, there is no judgment. What you do or how you dress is your business. It is a place where you can find acceptance, surrounding yourself with positive energy and good vibes.

With this energy we want to keep building The Raverse and keep producing new music events and experiences. One of our main goals is to onboard more DJs and musicians into the Web3 space, and that’s why we will open the invitation to artists to perform at The Raverse and provide them the technical support they need. Most importantly we want to increase the number of hosted events.

2023 Expansion Plans:

  • Improve The Raverse stage look & feel.
  • Wearables Pop Up Store to claim free wearables
  • Roland Lifestyle Museum at The Raverse (Collab/Partnership)
  • Weekly DJ Events
  • Interactive NPC character
  • POAP dispenser

Benefits for the Decentraland Platform:

  • Attract new users to the platform through:
    -– onboarding new artists
    -– creating weekly events
    -– giving away high quality free wearables
    -– bringing an iconic brand to the platform such as Roland Lifestyle with its Museum.
  • Free Wearables for the Decentraland community (x12). Collections from Random Ravers and Roland Lifestyle.
  • DJ events: weekly events once the scene is deployed.
  • Open Source Scenes for the community: We will open source the stage and museum scene so that community members can use them for their own benefit expanding user-generated content.
  • Collect POAPs for different music events


GM Studios has worked in several projects and scenes in Decentraland and we are also a verified partner. Please check our work here:

We have hosted events where +15 international artists from Los Angeles, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and more performed.

We have given away +12,000 wearables through Random Ravers and Roland Lifestyle collections.

Collab with Roland Lifestyle who is the web3 and lifestyle partner brand from Roland Corporation:

Wearables collections:



The Raverse

Road to sustaintability:
We are asking for a grant to be able to focus 6 months in enhacing The Raverse experience and being able to host more events throughout the year. Our main goal with this is to grow the community, and work on sponsorship deals for the second half of 2023.

Our idea is to ask for a one-time grant that will help us grow and aim at keep building throughout all 2023.



We are asking for $39.000 USD to develop the strategy and work in a 6-month period.


Founding Team:

Dante Galeazzi - dante.eth - GM Studios Co-Founder & CEO
discord: Dante.eth#5151

Julian García Blanquez - LeMasterLearner - GM Studios Co-Founder & Head of Art
discord: untzLe Master Learner#2708

Our website:

Team needed:

  • Art Director
  • Project Manager
  • Sr 3D Artist & Animator
  • Jr. 3D Artist/Modeller
  • Game Dev
  • Content & Community Manager

Breakdown budget:
Art Director (part-time): $ 6.000,00
Sr. 3D Artist & Animator: $ 9.000,00
Jr. 3D Artist: $ 6.000,00
Project Manager: $ 6.000,00
Game Developer: $ 8.000,00
Content & Community Manager: $ 4.000,00

Total Budget $ 39.000,00

Roadmap and milestones


Month 1:

  • Moodboard
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Layout & Blocking

Month 2:

  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Shading, Texturing & Animation

Month 3:

  • SDK Implementation
  • Scene Testing
  • Scene Deployment:
    The Raverse improved + Pop Up Store, NPC character, POAP Dispenser
  • Wearables x3 published
  • Roland Lifestyle Museum: Moodboard, Concept & 3D Layout.
  • DJ Events: Inaugural Party

Month 4:

  • Wearables x3 published
  • DJ Events: weekly events
  • Roland Lifestyle Museum: 3D Modelling, Shading, Texturing & Animation.

Month 5:

  • Wearables x3 published
  • DJ Events: weekly events
  • Roland Lifestyle Museum: Scene Testing & Deployment

Month 6:

  • Wearables x3 published
  • DJ Events: weekly events
  • Open Source Scenes + Documentation on how to implement the scenes

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Happy to answer any questions.
It would mean a lot for our team to get this grant in order to keep building in Decentraland.
I am also in the DAO’s discord.
Thank you all.

The Raverse 2023: DJ Events, Wearables, Roland Lifestyle Collab & More.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 1,532 VP (61 votes)
  • No 99% 6,756,918 VP (163 votes)