[DAO:d0059f5] Should comments below proposals be shufled around?

by 0xcf10cd8b5dc2323b1eb6de6164647756bad4de4d (Eibriel)

Since the comments below proposals where added some time ago I had the suspicion that they could be used to persuade people to vote in one way or the other.

This suspicions have been growing. I don’t have the data to prove it. But I think that people tends to vote following the sentiment of the first comments below the proposal.

That is why I’m proposing to shuffle the comments (randomize the order) each time the page is loaded.

That may break the flow a little bit, but it may prevent lazy people to vote all in the same way that the first commenters.

Not sure how to prove this, or if there is some research on the subject, but maybe is worth implementing just in case.

  • Yes, shufle comments
  • No, keep them chronological
  • Invalid question/options

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I agree 100% with this proposal, I’ve been thinking about this too!

I see what you did there lol.

I’m not sure ab the shuffle, only for the order issue. Unless posts can become threads, so ppl can reply to that comment only, not the whole comment section.

Or maybe showing more comments instead of the few they do, might be an easier solve or maybe a temp one?


I’m voting no on this guys. I want to see comments in chronological order… if we are going to shuffle then I would like the option to sort my comments from oldest to newest. I read all comments before voting not just the first ones. I want to read them in the order they were posted, not shuffled around then I can’t understand the order of the conversation. Thank you.


If someone can’t/choose not to read an entire thread before deciding voting, so it be. No need to mess the chronological order of things.


i agree with Vapo 100 percent even after reading the first comment.

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I think highlighting posts with likes/hearts in a top section would be a better option than a random shuffle.

I do think this is a very large issue with people not reading all of the comments. I do not like that it cuts off to a certain point because someone can have a handful of people come in for the first comments with fake positive comments and bury any criticisms in later comments.

We should do something like the privacy policy submission forms that block you from submitting unless you have scrolled through all of the comments lol.

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I respect the issue but this is too much policing. You should not have to read all comments, or any comments, before formulating your own opinion, commenting or voting. What if I want to comment first and read the opinions of others later? What happens when the DAO grows to hundreds of comments? How far will I have to scroll before I can vote?

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I get the point of this proposal but from a Product perspective, I cannot support it. Messing the order of a discussion would be super confusing and a crappy UX. From the DAO Governance Squad, we’ve been thinking of hiding the results of a proposal until you vote to reduce the bias at the time of casting a vote. I’ll create a poll about it to see how people feel about it.

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Should comments below proposals be shufled around?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, shufle comments 8% 160,021 VP (13 votes)
  • No, keep them chronological 34% 694,289 VP (23 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 58% 1,144,976 VP (33 votes)

I know voters have been practically harassed because of how they choose to vote but we have also been able to see some conflicts of interest and begun discussions early, while the grant is still in the voting stages. Given the climate of suspected voter buying, self-voting and whales passing proposals, it might be in the best interest of the community to maintain as much transparency as possible.

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I get your point but this is not about being not clear, this is about reducing bias. After voting, users will be able to see the results and the voters list. Similar to how this works in real-life politics where legislators vote all at the same time and voting ballots cannot give estimates while there is still time to vote.

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