[DAO:cd5d75f] Update #5 for project "Enhancing "Exodus: Goodbye World" ( Revision and Resubmission )"

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Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


The Exodus team continued to make progress towards the objectives of the grant during the month of June. In June, the team released the Multiplayer Resource Gathering feature, which was the most recent major feature from the proposal. Exodus also hosted its Birthday party event where it offered a community activity where player could earn a wearable reward. The team has now moved their focus towards the final features of the grant, the Pet Skins feature, and the Farming+Potion Making demo.


June focused on releasing the Exodus grant’s fourth major content initiative, Multiplayer Resource Gathering as well as on Exodus’s most recent community event, the Exodus Birthday event.

The multiplayer resource gathering feature is a major update for the economics of Exodus. This update upgrades the resouce gathering activity to no longer be instanced ‘per player’, so that all in-game resources are now shared by all players. This update is a major change for the economy of Exodus, as it introduces more competition between players as they train and gather resources. The update included server-side updates to track the game world-state as well as front-end updates for visualizing other players while they gather. As resouces are depleted, they are now depleted for all players in the Exodus world, and all players will share a common respawn for the resource.

Exodus also hosted its 2nd birthday event, as the project turned 2 years old ( Happy Birthday Exodus! ). The event ran from June 15 - 25, during which players could earn boosted xP, contribute to a community goal, and earn an NFT for contributing.

For the event, Exodus had:

  • 2149 Total Sessions
  • 226 Unique Users
  • 1242 Total Hours Played

For the month of June, Exodus had:

  • 3524 Total Sessions
  • 274 Unique Users
  • 2041 Total Hours Played

In addition to the Potion Making Skill, Exodus continued preparation for its next content release, pet skins. We are currently in the stage of integration and preparing the feature for release. We are also preparing a simplified demo code for our farming and potion making skills to be shared before the end of the grant period.


We have no current blockers.

Next steps

Our final in-game content initiative will be the release of the Pet Skins feature. We will also finish and share our demo for the Farming and Potion Making features. Finally, we will compile our final user statistics and report on the entire grant period in the next update.

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