[DAO:cc43af8] Update #5 for project "Meta GamiMall Developement and Operation for 6 months"

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This month, we dedicated our efforts to organizing the start of MetaMine Season 4. This included emergency debugging due to high traffic during MMS4. We also managed two MetaMine Season 4 series events while maintaining social media and community communication.


Daily Active Users: 166
Number of Unique Visitors per Month: 983
Average Time Spent on Platform: 255 minutes

MetaMine Season 4 kicked off with incredible enthusiasm, marking one of our most successful launches to date. During the peak of the event, we had 80 concurrent users actively engaging on the platform. This surge in participation underscores the growing interest and excitement surrounding MetaMine.

Throughout the event, over 200 wearables were claimed, reflecting the community’s eagerness to participate and collect exclusive items. The high demand for wearables not only highlights their popularity but also our ability to handle such traffic effectively.

Our efforts also extended to social media, where the event garnered significant attention. We accumulated over 13,000 views on Twitter/X, illustrating the widespread interest and reach of MetaMine Season 4. This level of engagement demonstrates our strong online presence and the success of our outreach efforts.

Overall, the MetaMine Season 4 kickoff was a resounding success, setting a promising tone for the rest of the season. We are thrilled with the positive response and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional experiences to our community.

Emergency Preparedness

Based on previous experiences, we anticipate large traffic during the launch of MetaMine Season 4. The initial month of MMS4 is likely to present unexpected situations and bugs, necessitating additional time for emergency preparedness.

Wearable Claiming Failure: A common issue arises when many users attempt to claim wearables simultaneously, leading to failures. Since this issue occurs infrequently and usually only at the beginning of each MetaMine season, we address it manually by issuing refunds.

Counter Bug: The time counter malfunctioned following an npm update. We resolved this by updating the counter to restore its functionality.

Decentraland NPM Update Causing UI Issues: A recent npm update disrupted the UI in Meta GamiMall. We promptly applied several fixes to restore the UI to its normal state.

Bi-Weekly Events in MetaMine Season 4

UnMonday in Meta GamiMall: We hosted a fantastic UnMonday event with Mr. Dhingia in Meta GamiMall, featuring a lively discussion about the future of Decentraland. Event details and discussion.

VipeHero/Grifter Twitter Portrait Raffle: Engaged our community in a Twitter portrait raffle. Event details.

AnyMagik Special Portrait Event: Held a special portrait event with AnyMagik in Meta GamiMall. Event details.

Cutter For a Cause Special Shout Out: Recognized the “Cutter For a Cause” initiative with a special shout-out. Event details.



Next steps

Month 6 MetaMine Season 4 Ongoing

MetaMine Season 4 Series Event with some of the onboarded brands.

Develop at least one collaborative game with our partner using our unified scene technology.

2 bi-week events

Social Media and Community Management

Additional notes and links

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