[DAO:780c0f4] Update #2 for proposal "Meta GamiMall Developement and Operation for 6 months"

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It was a fruitful month for Meta Gamimall, we released the MetaMine Season 4 Pitch deck and a teaser video, onboarded 4 different brands to MetaMine Season 4, and also added a wheel of fortune to give extra rewards to the players, lastly, we hosted 2 bi-week events for the community.


Monthly Average DAU: 184

MetaMine Season 4 Documents Preparation (Pitch Deck and Videos):
In our endeavor to ensure transparency and engagement, we’ve diligently prepared comprehensive pitch decks and the teaser video for MetaMine Season 4. These materials serve not only to inform our audience but also to captivate potential stakeholders.
Link: https://twitter.com/MetaGamiMall/status/1771070108741312544

MetaMine Season 4 Brands BD & Onboarding:
We welcomed four brands onboard to join MetaMine Season 4, they are Decentral Games, Soul Magic, Any Magic, and Cutter for a Cause, and more brands are on the way.

Experience Level Up (Adding a Lucky Wheel Mini-Experience)
To inject an extra dose of thrill into the gameplay, we’ve introduced a delightful surprise for our players—a Fortune Wheel mini-experience. This new feature grants players daily opportunities to win enticing rewards, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to their journey.
Link: https://twitter.com/MetaGamiMall/status/1771482221435625779

Two Bi-Weekly Events
1/ MetaViu Wearable Burn-to-Earn Event: Join us as we launch the MetaViu wearable Burn-to-Earn event, offering participants a chance to earn rewards while showcasing their style in the virtual realm. Follow our Twitter updates for all the details on this exciting opportunity.
Link: https://twitter.com/MetaGamiMall/status/1769625340303782250
2/ NatCats + MetaGamiMall X Portrait Raffle: We organized a special exhibition for the trendy project NatCats product from Ordinals DMT community, and we used this special opportunity to organize a Portrait raffle for players, to have fun and earn some extra rewards.
Link: https://twitter.com/MetaGamiMall/status/1772961333174026525

Debug and UX improvement
We did experiments on a new economic system and tried to implement it, however, the result shows that the new game economy might disrupt the benefits of existing players, so we decided to give a pause.
We added back the video screen.
We added a feature to control the waiting period before players hop onto the pad and start farming coins.


There is no evident blocker for this month

Next steps

Month3 MetaMine Season 4 Preparation
MetaMine Season 4 Brands BD & Onboarding
Brands Materials preparation including making wearables and advertising materials etc.
2 bi-week events
Community Management
Potential Debug

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