[DAO:cc22bb5] Update #2 for proposal "Facemoon: Enabling Decentraland's Next-Level Experience"

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This month marks the beginning of our exciting journey through the ages, immersing ourselves in the vibrant 1920s


Facemoon Gallery has organized a total of 11 events in April, including 8 themed parties from the roaring 20s and 3 related movie screenings. During these parties, we immersed ourselves in the 1920s atmosphere, giving away unique wearables and hosting interactive activities. Additionally, we created a 1920s-themed scene in Facemoon Gallery for a more immersive experience.

The events were enhanced with live DJ performances at 4 of the 8 parties, adding an authentic touch to the experience. We also actively promoted the event on social media and featured an exhibition by a prominent artist in Facemoon Gallery during April.



Next steps

  • Preparing and executing themed events for the 1950s in May.
  • Promoting and broadcasting events on social media and other platforms.
  • Developing content related to the 1950s, including virtual scenes and wearables.

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