[DAO:cbde445] Update #1 for proposal "Facemoon: Enabling Decentraland's Next-Level Experience"

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In Decentraland, the Festival Unleashed Eras reshapes creativity and collaboration in the metaverse. With grant support, our team strives to redefine digital interaction. Join this thrilling journey towards novel forms of expression and exploration in Decentraland.



  1. Progress in the creation of wearables and the April scene:
    Over this initial month, significant strides have been made in crafting exclusive wearables and shaping the thematic scene for April in Decentraland. We’ve diligently worked to ensure that every detail reflects the essence of the era we’re exploring, providing users with an immersive and authentic experience.

  2. Hiring of artists:
    We are pleased to announce the engagement of talented artists to further enrich the Festival Unleashed Eras experience. From live musicians to NFT artists, each collaborator will bring their unique creativity to breathe life into the event and captivate the audience with their talents.

  3. Organization of events throughout the month:
    As part of our commitment to delivering a dynamic and continuous experience, we’ve meticulously organized a series of events scheduled throughout the month. Notable among these events are screenings of iconic 1920s films and sessions featuring music and videos from the era, offering a culturally rich and entertaining experience for all participants.

  4. Research and video creation:
    To ensure a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the 1920s, extensive research has been conducted to gather relevant historical and cultural material. Additionally, video creation has commenced to contextualize the era and enhance the user experience, providing an authentic and educational glimpse into the past.

  5. Exploration of 1920s filmography:
    Recognizing the significance of cinema in 1920s culture, resources have been dedicated to exploring filmography from the era. This research will enable us to select and showcase iconic films that complement the festival’s theme and enrich the audience’s experience.

  6. Social media promotion and festival launch party:
    A social media advertising strategy has been implemented to promote the Festival Unleashed Eras and generate interest within the virtual community. Furthermore, a festival launch party has been organized, offering attendees a preview of what to expect during the main event and fostering excitement for the upcoming experience.



Next steps

  1. Event Execution: We’ll host the promised eight monthly events along with four additional ones featuring screenings of iconic era-specific films. Additionally, we’ll offer exclusive wearable giveaways while supplies last to enhance attendees’ experience.

  2. Twitter Advertising: We’ll utilize Twitter to launch strategic advertising campaigns, reaching a broader audience and building excitement before and during the festival. We’ll share thrilling updates, event details, and exclusive content to engage our followers.

  3. Twitch Livestreaming: Each event will be livestreamed on Twitch, providing an interactive and accessible experience for all. This platform allows us to reach a global audience and foster real-time community engagement, enabling viewers to enjoy performances, participate in discussions, and share their experiences.

  4. Preparation for May: We’ll focus on preparing for the next month, dedicated to the golden era of rock and roll. This will involve creating new themed scenes and wearables inspired by the culture and aesthetics of the time. Our goal is to deliver an authentic and exciting experience that captures the essence of the iconic music and fashion of that decade.

  5. Era Research: We’ll conduct thorough research on the era to ensure historical and cultural accuracy in event preparation and related content. We’ll explore music, fashion, art, and key historical events to capture the unique atmosphere of the era in our festival.

These steps will enable us to host an exciting and memorable Festival Unleashed Eras in Decentraland. We look forward to your participation in this journey full of creativity and discovery!

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