[DAO:c95182d] Decentraland Education Booth and Activation @ NFT.NYC 2024

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Should the following $50,000 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


We would like to apply for a Decentraland DAO grant to fund:

  1. A Decentraland Education Booth in the Brands precinct of the North Javits Exhibition Hall @ NFT.NYC 2024

The booth and activation space will be 100 square feet (10’x10’) and include print branding of Decentraland’s choosing along with furniture and an LED Screen. Tickets will be provided for team or community members to staff the booth.

  1. Limited Edition 100 NFT Giveaway

NFT.NYC will also mint and giveaway 100 NFTs redeemable for in-game Decentraland rewards.

  1. 7 NFT.NYC Attendee Scholarships

To celebrate the 7th NFT.NYC event, with the assistance of Decentraland and other partners, NFT.NYC will offer 7 Attendance and Travel Scholarships to developers and creators.

Grant size

50,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



A: Why should we receive funding?

Our core team started NFT.NYC in early 2019 (long before the hype). Since then, NFT.NYC has become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry (16,000 attendees last year).

We were the FIRST NFT conference.

Irrespective of market conditions, NFT.NYC consistently brings together inspirational BUILDERS.

We are COMMITTED to NFT technology and have consistently INTEGRATED NFTs into the event experience.

Our Times Square billboards and Hudson Yards LOCATION are best in class and unique.

Our values have not changed since inception:

Give The Community A Voice:

Put as many quality speakers on stage as possible to provide a forum for the NFT community to give voice to the most relevant ideas of the moment


Bring people together who are working on like projects


Educate the global community about the value of NFTs


Use NFTs to create engagement that delivers our first 3 values

Our team has successfully executed six major events in the industry since 2019.

What problems are we looking to solve? What are the benefits to the Decentraland community?

NFT.NYC was founded with a mission to bring NFTs to the masses - and the Decentraland metaverse is a core component of the vision.

NFT.NYC provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the leading brands, developers and creators in the industry.
Across the event, social media posts and our CRM (50k+ members), we aim to generate high quality leads to Decentraland - including new developers, brands and end-users.

Last event, there was 250,000 tweets about NFT.NYC over 7 days, and one of our partners noted that NFT.NYC was their “best marketing of the year”.

Coinbase labeled NFT.NYC “the superbowl of NFTs”, and Attendees have noted:

“Really loved my first NFT NYC experience, the energy was electric and contagious! The speakers were so knowledgeable and passionate! Can’t wait for next year!”

“NFT.NYC is a resource like no other.”

NFT.NYC provides an opportunity to connect with the NFT community and leading brands.

Roadmap and milestones

There will be 8 Project Milestones:

Milestone 1 Announce Scholarships (Monday October 2):

Open Attendee Scholarship Applications.

Milestone 2 pre Event (target Monday October 30):

Produce a Decentraland NFT Postcard Moment short highlight video featuring the Decentraland metaverse.

Milestone 3 (target Thursday November 2):

Release Decentraland NFT “Postcard Moment” short video to NFT.NYC Community.

Milestone 4 (target Thursday November 30):

Announce 7 Decentraland attendee Scholarship grantees.

Milestone 5 (target Monday December 4):

NFT.NYC Twitter Space with Decentraland, recapping the year and a discussion on upcoming releases.

Milestone 6 (target Tuesday January 23):

Decentraland Booth Display assets finalized.

Milestone 7 (target March):

Giveaway one Decentraland Limited Edition NFT on social channels (100k+ twitter following).

Milestone 8 (Wednesday April 3-5):

Decentraland North Javits Exhibition Floor Booth and redeemable Decentraland NFT Giveaways.

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no from me. Way too much for an IRL activation. no budget breakdown included

How long have you been active in Decentraland? I notice that you have not minted a name yet which, at a minimum, would acknowledge your interest in DCL. Agree with Dogman, need much detail around the budget and where the $50k will go? I would suggest that you join the DAO Discord to pitch your idea there. Feedback from active community members may be helpful to you in gaining insight on how the community should spend DAO funds vs wasteful spending. For now, I will vote NO but am open to revisiting if you can provide much more detail around the budget.

Hi Cameron,
This sounds like an interesting proposition. I’m voting abstain for now, but I would like to hear more from the community.

How would you choose who comes and works this booth? Will you work with Foundation, as this is something I feel they would need to have input in? Would you be willing to join members of the community on a Google meet or other platform to verify that you are in fact the real Cameron Bale from NFT.NYC? (I don’t mean to be paranoid, just thinking it would be a good idea to verify)

Thank you!

Although, I think this would be great use of funds to get more stakeholder buy in for Decentraland- I just find it unusual for Cameron Bale (or frankly anyone from NFT NYC) to request 50K from the DAO especially if you already had partners in the past such as AWS, Coinbase, EY, etc. Voting No for now.

50K (plus all associated costs, swapping fees, etc.) for a booth at NFT NYC is not a good use of DAO funds. We should focus on platform initiatives and long-term activations, not temporary/one-day uber expensive events. The ambassador program is underway and we, as a community, together, can do better to spread the word about Decentraland. If we want to rent booths at blockchain events that is ok… but we should be budget conscious, maximize our investment, and put funds in the hands of our own community members who are smart, talented, and capable of showcasing our metaverse better than anyone.

If you are willing to allow Decentraland to have its own activation space at NFT NYC, then I don’t understand why you won’t allow speakers to apply or speak on metaverse NFT related topics? If there was a metaverse gaming panel, this booth would make “more” sense to speak uninterrupted about Decentraland for 10-30 mins.

I don’t think this is great use of $50k. Plus, the upcoming Decentraland Ambassador program can host an off-site event/rent a table I am sure for a much more reasonable price.

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The amount would be better off supporting the Decentraland Ambassadors initiative which essentially attempt to fulfill what this proposal is doing with much lesser cost.

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Decentraland Education Booth and Activation @ NFT.NYC 2024

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 4,831 VP (13 votes)
  • No 87% 10,247,742 VP (85 votes)
  • Abstain 12% 1,512,289 VP (15 votes)