[DAO:c12d1b7] Community consultation regarding the use of LAND (Part B)

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This is an outreach to the community to discuss the use cases for the lands that the DAO intends to acquire.
The consultation will be divided into 3 parts, so please do vote on all.

B.1. Allow grantees to rent LAND
Should the DAO allow grantees to rent LAND at a subsidised rate.
There have been numerous instances when grantees have sought to use part of their grant to fund the purchase of LAND but an informal consensus between DAO members is that we do not allow that. As such, a viable alternative will be to allow grantees to rent LAND from the DAO at a subsidized rate. This will also ensure that the DAO is able to generate revenue from the LANDs it has acquired, while supporting grants that require LAND to publish but are not able to acquire one.

B.2. Allow DAO squads to use LAND.
Should we allow DAO squads access to the LANDs available for DAO related purposes(townhalls etc) without time restrictions.

(This poll will only be pushed to draft should the governance proposal regarding the purchase of LAND be passed and enacted)

  • Allow grantees to rent LAND and DAO squad to use LAND
  • Only allow grantees to rent LAND
  • Only allow DAO squad to use LAND
  • Invalid question/options

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I agree that LANDs should be allowed to be used by DAO Squads but with certain points, don’t like formulation “without time restrictions”, thats why I voted “Invalid”.

Also, about grantees I like the idea but i don’t agree with “subsidised rates” for them because rent already costs not so much.

Thank you for your polls on this topics.

Hey web3nit, thanks again for your feedback. The reason why squads get no time limit on the use of land is because they are a permanent fixture in the community, and while squad members may change, the squads will always be present so allowing them access to land on a longer term basis will ensure efficiency. Land can also be revoked by the community should it be deemed necessary.

As for renting at subsidized rates for grantees, it would be great for the DAO to incentivize the use of our lands so that their expenditure will not be as high, thus taking up a smaller grant.

Hi @NikkiFuego would you like to also chim in on why you think it’s invalid? Is it for the same reason as web3nit? Would love your input.

It would be great that the community can both vote and engage so that I can fine tune the requirements and set out another poll


The same reasoning I voted invalid on the other one. I agree that the community should have access to the LAND being purchased by the DAO, but not in the form of “renting.”

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I have to vote no on this. If we do not allow DAO funds for purchasing land then we should also not allow for renting. We will be wasting money on exchange fees and gas by disbursing grants only to have the money return to the DAO in the form of rental fees. It would be cheaper and more efficient to allow grantees to just use the land. Grantees could specify their need for land in their proposal and we could vote to allow or deny the use of DAO owned parcels. As far as DAO squads, I would prefer to vote on each request from a squad to use land separately, instead of giving blanket permission.

Hey @NikkiFuego and @CheddarQueso thanks for the feedback! Will take note of your comments going forward

I think that if a grantee is going to need land for their project it should be included in their proposal stating as such. Then if the grant passes, it should be included with the grant but with an expiration date. There could also be a rent to own for the grantee. Maybe? Thoughts?

And why is there a neither vote option. Why does 1 or the other or both have to be the only options.

Yes, for grantees who would require LAND for project, it’ll be better that they include it in their proposal as opposed to having to apply for land separately. There should be a fixed set of questions that any grantee who apply needs to answer, and this consultation is for us to decide on said questions.

The ‘invalid’ vote is a permanent fixture in the polls, and it gives members the option to choose none of the above

Well wish i woul of read this before i submitted the grant request

I did include that the grant was to buy land to be devoloped

But it sounds like as it stands it wont be accepted

Thats a shame as i already had plans for 4 land plots

The first being the grant submission for my Webacade

The other 3 i would of applyed for once i proved myself

Wanted one for an outside space for the Webacade

And planned to open a maze run with weekly new mazes and fan favorits on rotation

Everyone loves mazes

Planned to incorperate a ticket system so you could trade tickets for prizes ntf just like a real aracade

Not being able to get funding to buy land is a huge and massive shame

I hope i wrong and contact me at


if needed

I’m voting Yes for grantees to have access to land and pay rent. I personally believe this is the better option…last year I was actively trying to get people who needed land to build on my parcels. When I offered it for free, I would find people were happy to “get” the land, but then did not build and deploy. I think a small amount of rent would simply set the precedent that the land has value, and hopefully encourage people who go through this process to deploy.

If the DAO squad needs land for a specific purpose, I would hope that our community would support them. I did not vote in support of the DAO squad to use land because of the words “without time restrictions.” which make me feel like once in control of the DAO squad, there would be no way to retract this agreement, and that doesn’t seem like the reason we are doing this.

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I am voting “Invalid question/options” because I think it should be available for free to both grantees and DAO squads, but there should be some measures to prevent users getting the land, but not building there anything, maybe it should be done through proposals similar like removing POI, but in this case removing rights to deploy to land when there has been some inactivity for some time.

Community consultation regarding the use of LAND (Part B)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Allow grantees to rent land and dao squad to use land 18% 504,183 VP (10 votes)
  • Only allow grantees to rent land 22% 605,056 VP (1 votes)
  • Only allow dao squad to use land 0% 0 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 60% 1,609,561 VP (51 votes)

Thanks @Canessa and @Shiny for your feedback.

In conclusion to this poll and speaking to members privately via DMs, the feedback is that DAO grantees, Squads and community members will need to create their own proposals to apply for LAND usage.

Permission for PERPETUAL use of LANDs for all groups is NOT ALLOWED. All applicants need to state the amount of time they intend to use the land.

A ‘proof of concept’ should be included in proposals for potential builders who would like to use LANDs to show commitment and prevent hoarding or improper use.

The removal of permission due to a case of misuse can be done via a proposal by any community member, similar to one for applying use of land. A similar mechanism would be that of POIs.

This poll can be used as a guideline for applicants and members of the community, but note that nothing here is binding and may be up for review periodically.
Opening LAND up for the community is a novel idea and guidelines will require refining.