[DAO:be8166f] How about "Introducing Sub-POIs: Enhancing Detail and Information on Our Map"?

by 0xed0e0cb94f60f72ec94bef848f5df4cbd365af1d (InJesterr)

As we know, our current Point of Interest (POI) system allows entities to suggest points of interest on our map. Once approved, these POIs become visible on the map for all players to see. However, we could enhance this system by introducing a new feature called sub-POIs.

Sub-POIs would be an additional layer of detail that entities can add to their POIs. For example, if an entity suggests a Casino as a POI, they could then add sub-POIs such as the Casinos areas like: Lobby, VIP area, Roulette area & Blackjack zone. Sub-POIs would be less impactful than POIs themselves, but they would only be visible on the radar when a player is on the estate and would provide players with more information about each POI.

To ensure that sub-POIs are not abused, we could limit the number of sub-POIs that an entity can add to each POI to a maximum of 5. Additionally, sub-POIs would only be available to entities that have had their POI granted, which would prevent spamming and abuse of the system.

Implementing sub-POIs would be a game-changer for our map system, as it would provide more detailed information for players and enhance their overall experience. It would also incentivize entities to submit more POIs and engage with our map system. Overall, this is a small but impactful change that we believe would be well-received by our community.

I have an photoshopped image of how this would look.

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Let me know what you ppl think about this :smile:

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What’s the minimum number of parcels someone would need to own to do this?

Minimum = 1 parcel is +1 sub poi ( capped at max 5)

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Sorry, I think I did not word my question right.

How big does an estate need to be to qualify for a sub POI?

For example, if my estate is only 5 parcels, will I be able to submit 1, 2, or 3, sub POI?

How big does my estate need to be to qualify for 5 sub POI?

Vote: NO

While this is an interesting idea, I don’t think it needs to be done at the Genesis City map level. I think it would be best to have the individual estate owner handle this with their own UI once the person visits the estate. Having a detailed map like https://genesis.city could assist in more directly targeting where the person wants to visit.

Creating Sub-POIs adds another category of proposals that will need to be decided via DAO governance. Increasing the volume of proposals overall will further divide up the time for attention each community member can commit to governance.

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How about “Introducing Sub-POIs: Enhancing Detail and Information on Our Map”?

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How about “Introducing Sub-POIs: Enhancing Detail and Information on Our Map”?

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