[DAO:b63fb15] Update #3 for proposal "SDK7 Unity Editor Toolkit"

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Hello all :wave:

kourtin here. I hope everyone had a good December, here at Polygonal Mind we advanced properly with the tool plans, enhancing and expanding the utility. During this month we have seen the tool be boosted by our own internal feedback as more projects we do in Decentraland require the use of SDK7, hence, the tool gets adapted to true developing needs.



During this period of time succeeded at getting the Unity Toolkit to get better at interpreting gameObjects as SDK7 entities and we are looking forward to combine different ideas for easy handling of objects in scene.

The tool, as it is right now, can be used for production pipelines already and now we enter a phase where UX and minor improvements are added to speed up the creation process.

List of features during this milestone:

  • Parcel Manager Upgrade

    Now you can input a marketplace link to quickly configure the land you want to work on

  • Decentraland Skybox & Illumination

    Presets to check how the scene would look with the Decentraland lighting

  • Show bounding boxes option

    Preview how the engine is calculating the object volume

  • AutoFind Dcl projects

    Quickly fetch and select a Decentraland project exported

  • 3D Text export

    Configure and set 3D textes inside Unity

  • Decentraland components

    • Animator

      Configure animations and entity behaviours

    • Audio Source

      Configure audio sources directly in Unity, export them right away to the Decentraland project

    • Billboard

      Set an entity as billboard so it always faces the user on the selected axis

    • InputEvent (Control Animation, Audios, Teleports, etc.)

      Create small but powerful interactions that open doors, trigger animations, sounds and other actions

    • StreamImage

      Stream external image sources on a Decentraland plane (or local files from a project)

    • StreamVideo

      Stream external video sources on a Decentraland plane (or local files from a project)

    • Trigger Areas

      Configure Trigger Areas to perform actions in the code

    • Modifier Areas

      Modify the behaviour of the player, like change of camera settings, hide the user or hide the avatar passport

    • Force GLTF

      Force any entity in Unity to be a GLTF

    • Late load GLTF

      Make the engine wait to load the GLTF in the scene so you can prioritize assets over others

    • .glb Placeholder

      Use gameObjects as dummies for already placed .glbs in the Decentraland project resources

    • Overwrite mesh (Export prefab as normal mesh)

      Perform an overriding of the settings on an Entity, similar behaviour to Prefab variants in Unity

Check the released project

We welcome the community to check and provide feedback on this powerful tool, we are shaping it already with our current developments but we want to hear you out! Contribute in the github :point_down:



Next steps

Next Steps

Milestone 4 is going to be focused on UX and tool stability, making sure that anyone that understands how the Unity Editor works can jump ahead and create great quality content in Decentraland with low effort.

We are also looking forward to create proper docs and video tutorials to start building right ahead, with clear examples like “take your Unity scene into Decentraland” or “from Spatial to Decentraland”.

Have a nice one and happy holidays everyone :beers:

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