[DAO:b63fb15] Update #2 for proposal "SDK7 Unity Editor Toolkit"

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SDK7 Unity Editor Toolkit - Milestone 2 Report


Hello all :wave:

kourtin here. This November has been one of the big ones, with great evolution on the tool and the celebration of its first initial pre-release.

The Plan

Let’s begin with what we drafted as achievable for the 1st of November.

Unity is capable of exporting the gameObjects from the scene into the Decentraland project data. This includes the capability of exporting 3D data to GLTF packages as GLB+textures or GTLF+.bin


During this period of time succeeded at getting the Unity Toolkit to do the proper transformations to data and feed a project that is placed outside of the Unity asset directory.

Check our dev demonstration on Youtube

This means that you can introduce any 3D format that Unity can accept by default and the tool will manage the export to GLTF/GLB into a project that is ready to run Decentraland and check the scene locally.

List of features developed:

  • Scene Manager
  • Dependencies Manager
  • Setup Manager
  • Parcel Manager
  • Export gameObjects as Decentraland entities
    • 3D Models
      • Materials
      • Animations
      • Skinned Meshes
    • Textes
      • TextMesh and TextMeshPro exports
  • Create Materials, Data from Unity and have it exported to Decentraland
  • Compose, manage and export the scene from Unity
  • Open the server and keep it fed with Unity updates



Next steps

Introducing: Early-Access

We are still far for completion, with plenty of QA and side features to introduce and make development in Decentraland easier for everyone. We have released a public repository to introduce the tool to anyone that wants to have a early peek view.

Check the delivery repository

Feel free to give feedback via Discord, either Decentraland DAO’s server or Polygonal Mind’s.

Next Steps

With the milestone 2 being properly fulfilled the team is ready to move forward. The Milestone 3 focuses on increasing utilty by introducing code modules in the pipeline. Users will be able to have more with less effort and we look forward to hear community’s thoughts on any priority that may suit best the general interest.

Additional notes and links

Looking ahead at the future

Next steps will cover introducing new code-based nodes that will be available to configure directly inside Unity and get them exported to Decentraland. We are also looking to improve UX now that we have the base utility working and any developer can start to build faster stuff in the platform.

  • Ability to setup NFT Displays
  • Ability to setup interactable objects (interact by input or trigger)
    • Open link on interact
    • Play an animation on interact
  • UV handler for primitives
    • Make video walls, proper use of shapes and custom material transforms with this tool
  • Research and introduce visual scripting to make simple quests in the Milestone 4 roadmap


The second milestone has been reached with overall success and the Unity editor is now able to export Decentraland content.

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