[DAO:b63fb15] Update #1 for proposal "SDK7 Unity Editor Toolkit"

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SDK7 Unity Editor Toolkit - Milestone 1 Report


Hello all :wave:

kourtin here. For the ones who don’t know, I’m the Head of Ops at Polygonal Mind and the person in charge to make sure this development succeeds and surpasses expectations.

Before I give a deeper detail on how everything is going I want to thank again everyone who supported us during the voting and all the developers that have been providing feedback to the proposal during this initial month of toolkit creation.

The Plan

Let’s begin with what we drafted as achievable for the 1st of November.

Unity is able to assemble a SDK7 project and run basic commands like dcl install dcl start or install the npm packages and any other key dependencies for Decentraland development.


During this period of time succeeded at getting the Unity Toolkit base nodes working, the project is able to identify Node dependencies, request the user to install them and help you start with the work

External Image

In case you can’t play the video, it’s been uploaded to the Project Channel at the Discord server from the DAO and also reported in the Notion page from the Decentraland DAO.


None at all, in fact everything has gone way smoother than expected.

Next steps

What’s next?

With the milestone 1 being properly fulfilled the team is ready to the biggest leap in quality, UX and tool performance. The Milestone 2 focuses on the core aspects of the export tool: ability to setup scenes, metadata, models, materials and animations properly stored once exported as a Decentraland SDK7 project.

Current roadmap for Milestone 2

List of features to be seen operative after November:

  • Polish the Scene Manager
  • Export gameObjects as Decentraland entities
    • 3D Models
      • Materials
      • Animations
      • Skinned Meshes
    • Textes
      • TextMesh and TextMeshPro exports

Introducing enhanced objectives

The more we advance the more we can be precise with the Milestone 3 goals, which we plan to include:

  • Ability to setup NFT Displays
  • Ability to setup interactable objects (interact by input or trigger)
    • Open link on interact
    • Play an animation on interact
  • UV handler for primitives
    • Make video walls, proper use of shapes and custom material transforms with this tool
  • Research and introduce visual scripting to make simple quests

Additional notes and links

Good feelings

Overall the team is feeling comfortable with the SDK7, making great progress and starting to think ahead on multiple possibilities that we are now more comfortable on thinking we will delivery, making sure that the tool is at its best shape and doing great.


This is the first milestone, overachieving what we promised and making sure that in the next release we have a functional tool that everyone can start using right away. The future of creating in Decentraland is bright and we are happy to bring more tools into the space for everyone to quickly jump in.

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