[DAO:aff0bf1] Proposal for Adding Customizable Bio Section to Gov DApp Profile Page

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (coalition)


This proposal suggests the introduction of a customizable text box to serve as the biography (BIO) section in Decentraland DAO members’ profiles allowing the community to include custom text information, personalizing their presence within the DAO.


The proposed Bio section is seen as a space where members can share a wide range of information. This could include professional links, personal statements, or other relevant content that members wish to showcase, thereby deepening community connections within Decentraland and allowing members to share more about themselves, their interests, views, and networks.


The current DAO profile page doesn’t provide the ability for members to provide any text info. This feature can facilitate networking, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of the diverse backgrounds within the DAO.


Customisable text box with a character limit in the biography (BIO) section of Decentraland DAO member’s profiles that should adhere to community guidelines(COE).

The text box use cases:

  • Add links to other platforms(fb,ln).

  • Write brief introductions/info that reflect their personalities or DAO visions.

  • Share information about ongoing projects or seek collaborative opportunities.

  • Ability to include any text, links, or information community members deem relevant.


  • Governance: Describing personal visions for the future of Decentraland and DAO and how they wish to contribute.

  • Networking: Sharing links to portfolios showcasing their work or projects.

  • Collaboration: Linking to social media accounts to connect with members on different platforms.

  • Branding: Writing a personal statement or bio that highlights individual interests, skills, or experiences within the DAO, virtual worlds or blockchain space.

  • Promotion: Sharing information about ongoing projects or initiatives within Decentraland, seeking collaborators/support.

  • Educational Content: Linking to blogs, articles, or educational resources authored by the members or deemed valuable for the community.

Key implementation steps:

  • UI/UX: Incorporating the text box into an existing profile.

  • Frontend: Asynchronous data send/retrieve.

  • Backend: Storage of the text content.

  • Moderation Tools: Mechanisms for monitoring and moderating the content to adhere to DAO guidelines(COE).


The introduction of a customizable text box in DAO member profiles can be a step towards advancing personalization and community engagement in Decentraland and DAO. This feature aligns with the DAO’s values of openness and collaboration,allowing members to express themselves more fully and build more meaningful connections.


YES: Add a Bio section.

NO: Leave as it is.

  • YES
  • NO
  • Invalid question/options

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Here is an example of how it could be implemented.

We can use the description from profile for this, no need for a new bio field solely for the governance website.

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Proposal for Adding Customizable Bio Section to Gov DApp Profile Page

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 16,973 VP (29 votes)
  • No 97% 1,177,230 VP (13 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 2% 24,733 VP (7 votes)

@ginoct HP says this can be done so will it be done?

Agree with HP here. Github Issue to track: Add a Description section on the DAO Profile · Issue #1661 · decentraland/governance · GitHub
@web3nit as always, we recommend using Canny instead of proposals for this kind of suggestions.

Proposal for Adding Customizable Bio Section to Gov DApp Profile Page

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

@web3nit We just released this. As we always suggest: Let’s use Canny instead of DAO proposals for feature requests.

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Amazing ! Thank you. :sunglasses: