[DAO:a63b462] Update #1 for proposal "Retroactive Grant: Morph"

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Hi all, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the support of the work I’ve been doing these last few years. There was some good comments around statistics and metrics being more prominent so I will post some additional stats as part of this update, I’ve also met with the GSS and sent through long term statistics and a follow up closing out sync.


Feb & March were big months for the channel as we moved away from Kick to consolidate viewers on Twitch, alongside new stream content, the thesis being that using DCL avatars to stream more content, I can grow my audience to people unfamiliar with Decentraland and introduce them to the concept of both Decentraland avatars and Decentraland itself.
Note that this new content was in addition to the regularly scheduled Decentraland Thursday streams. The drop off in viewership here from June-Oct ‘23 was when we switched to Kick, I have now reverted to twitch as the main platform and now average ~40 concurrent viewers per stream - twitter stream viewers are not represented here, but they usually account for an additional ~100-500 viewers that see the Morphbot avatar on their timeline.
External Image
On top of this, the diamond hands city metrics can be viewed here (Thanks DCL metrics!), you can clearly see the impact the Thursday event has had on metrics, and that the majority of time spent is not AFK time:

External Image

Here are the twitter metrics for the last month:
External Image

And analytics on click through and impression rates for the last month:
External Image

As projected, the addition of Morph Bot to OhBabyGames introduced large numbers of players to a Decentraland avatar, while numbers are privately held by the company, they have shared that they hit mid-5 figures of concurrent players during CLOSED beta, a huge achievement for even web 2 games - the future looks bright for this genre and I believe this will continue to expand until millions have been introduced to Morph/DCL avatars via this game.



Next steps

Still streaming every Thursday if you want to stop by, and have a bunch of large scale special events planned out for Morphbot over the next two months.

Additional notes and links

Looks like the released funds aren’t being counted here, I’ll be sure to write a follow up update to close those out, but the funds have been withdrawn as broken down in the original post - I was able to buy a yearly streamlabs package to save on costs there and spread the streamlabs software out to 3 years instead of 2.

Thank you for the support all! Have a great April

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