[DAO:98d4178] Understanding and Improving the Governance Participation in Decentraland

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Dealing with voter fatigue and finding the right onboarding incentives are points of struggle for every DAO. The fact that DAOs do not have any information on their non-participating members makes the puzzle harder. DeepDAO believes that it is possible to understand $MANA token holders down to their interest categories and activity patterns to point toward measures to improve voter participation.
We propose conducting a data-based segmentation of $MANA token holders to find out the largest segments of non-voters, voters with decaying participation scores, etc. to point toward the right onboarding steps/incentives.

Grant size

15,000 USD in MANA

Project duration

2 months

Beneficiary address


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Governance activity in different DAOs provides valuable insights into the characteristics and preferences of wallet holders. It serves as a window into their interests, motivations, and potential contributions.

For example, taking a closer look at 0xjean.eth (DeepDAO), we observe a strong inclination towards identity products(from participation in DAOs like Proof of Humanity, Sismo, etc.) and Public Goods (from participation in DAOs like UBI DAO, Gitcoin, etc). This presents an opportunity for some other DAO 0xjean.eth is a member of to leverage this interest by introducing DAO participation badges or an initiative focused on public goods. These tangible incentives can not only recognize and reward active participants like 0xjean.eth but also serve as a magnet for other enthusiasts with similar interests, encouraging their engagement and involvement in the DAO’s decision-making processes.

Similarly, we can identify other categories of mass interest and introduce new initiatives to the DAO. For instance, if there is a substantial segment of members expressing interest in data analysis or research, establishing a dedicated research guild could be a strategic move. Having understood that the 100s of $MANA token holders are looking for gig work, the DAO could open more avenues for contribution for these people.

This proposal aims to create interest and activity-based segmentation of $MANA token holders so that the DAO can find methods to retain and onboard new addresses to Decentraland DAO’s governance. Armed with this knowledge, Decentraland DAO can optimize its governance processes, create better onboarding flows, prioritize new initiatives, and foster a more vibrant and engaged community.

Note that we aren’t directly incentivizing governance participation but trying to introduce genuine initiatives that make participation more attractive and more useful to a wider audience.


A very high-level plan of action for analyzing the 320k+ $MANA token holders:

(1) Get the DAO resumes of all $MANA token holders (granular activity & memberships), as aggregated by DeepDAO

(2) Based on (1): Label each address’s interest (NFTs, DeFi, Investments, Gaming, gig work, etc.) “Interest” is defined as membership or activity in a DAO category over a threshold. Label their activity on Decentraland DAO (persistent voter, long-term dormant address, non-voter, an address that used to participate, an address that is getting less interested in participating over time, and more)

(3) Repeat step 2 with different interest/activity categories to optimize the segmentation. We now have a well-segmented view of $MANA token holders with info on how large each segment is.

(4) Label bots & vote miners: recent research by DeepDAO identified voting miners’ activity across the DAO ecosystem. We use this data to check for malicious actors.

(5) Based on DeepDAO’s domain expertise in Web3 and governance, work with Decentraland DAO to define the right incentives/onboarding steps for each segmented group.

Roadmap and milestones


(1) A report with analysis of all governance participants of Decentraland DAO and non-active $MANA holders. This will answer questions like who are the primary participants, which are the largest segments of active, and inactive participants, which segments have the highest attrition/retention, etc.

(2) A CSV file with all $MANA token holders and their category interests, as reflected by the DAOs they vote in.

(3) Based on (1) & (2), a brainstorming session with Decentraland DAO to come up with an action plan to onboard inactive segments of voters. One such step could be introducing NFT badges if we discover a large number of people who are interested in NFTs or starting guilds if we discover a segment of users that are looking for gig work.

Milestone 1:
DeepDAO dives deeper into $MANA holders and finalizes the optimal labels & interest categories.
Time required: 4 weeks from the start of the project

Milestone 2:
DeepDAO hands over deliverables (1), (2) & (3)
Time required: 2 weeks from Milestone 1 completion

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Hi, thanks for interesting proposal. What is your history with Decentraland ? Did you saw Decentraland DAO badges ?

A CSV file with all $MANA token holders and their category interests, as reflected by the DAOs they vote in.

This would be very useful.

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Would it be safe assumption that this would lead to additional grant requests after the initial data is acquired. In order to vote for something like this, knowing what the next round of ask will be would be helpful. I don’t want to vote yes on something that will require additional unmentioned grants only to have them turned down and the money wasted. If this is a one time thing, I may consider a yes vote after further research.

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There are some in this space who would gladly participate in aspects of this demographic profile building. There are many others who may view it as intrusive and anti-privacy. While I support more involvement in the DAO and a better method of ensuring proof of humanity, I don’t know anything about DeepDAO or the individual/entity that is posting this proposal.

I’m going to need more information about who you are and what you want with the DCL DAO before I’m going to vote yes for this sort of proposal.


Hey @web3nit , thanks for your questions! DeepDAO has been aggregating data on Decentraland for the last 2 years. You find it here: DeepDAO

The DAO badges looks quite interesting! Would be a cool integration for the future.

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Hey @Existential14 , the funding requested covers the full analysis.

DeepDAO already has most of the data needed for the analysis. The grant requested covers the remaining development costs associated with the initiative, namely, performing extensive quality assurance checks to ensure that every token holder is accurately represented, and their activities are aggregated as comprehensively as possible; and to defining and segmenting the 320k+ $MANA holders into the most actionable interest and activity categories .

I don’t know anything about DeepDAO or the individual/entity that is posting this proposal.

I’m going to need more information about who you are and what you want with the DCL DAO before I’m going to vote yes for this sort of proposal.

Thank you for posting your concerns @AwedJob. Few things to note:

  1. DeepDAO doesn’t collect or display any information that isn’t already publicly available (we just collect it from more number of sources and do a better job than anybody else in the DAO ecosystem).
  2. The interest & activity categories I mentioned above are defined based on a person’s (= their wallet’s) DAO memberships and governance activity records (votes, proposals, delegations etc.). It does not take into account any other personal information.

DeepDAO has been in the DAO Analytics space for over 3 years and is the no.1 DAO discovery engine. We list over 12,500 DAOs and has profiles of over 6.8M DAO members. Everything we do is to bring more transparency into the ecosystem and help people better understand DAOs.

Please join DCL DAO Discord for more engaged conversation https://discord.gg/M3M7DsjQaE.

Hey @web3nit , I’m there as amanwithwings#0165! Is there a dedicated thread on Discord for discussions on this proposal/grant applications in general?

grants-general channel in DAO Discord server would be most relevant and also strategic-planning.

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Understanding and Improving the Governance Participation in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 286 VP (11 votes)
  • No 70% 3,639,412 VP (29 votes)
  • Abstain 29% 1,537,272 VP (34 votes)