[DAO:97b4181] Petaverse (Expansion) - Distributing the game across DCL

by 0x6cca0feb8906353561a0cf6ea8e305e7ee90d66b (Petaverse)

Should the following $61,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Petaverse has been active in DCL since 2021. Since the launch of our 1st pet-themed wearable, our mission has been to create fun & joyful experiences for metaverse citizens & pet lovers.

In 2022, we built a Pet Park and a play-to-own game (-61,119) where you can feed & groom pets to earn pet-themed wearables! +6k unique users have played our game and we have collaborated with 3 Pet companies: Pedigree, PetPlate & SPOKK.

In 2023, our objective is to bring our game to the next level & distribute it across DCL deploying METAs (Metaverse Enabled Tokenized Applications) with the support of Metazone & other DCL builders. This will allow the community to contribute & benefit from the growth of Petaverse with an innovative game mechanism.

Grant size

61,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Let’s start with the problems we’re trying to solve:

  • 1st is limitations of Pet ownership in DCL: The methods of owning a pet in DCL are still to be defined. We want to build systems that will allow you to see your pet not only in your land, but in other parcels too.

  • 2nd is the need for more interoperability in DCL gaming. We are strongly aligned with Metazone’s vision on that end, and we believe in the power of distributed games to increase user engagement and retention.

The upgrade of the Petaverse Game will be focused in 3 action pillars:

  1. Distribute the Petaverse Game across the DCL.

Currently our game is taking place exclusively in our HQ, the Pet Park - and this is the only place where you can currently earn in-game points and play with digital pets.

Our game upgrade will involve creating “METAs” that allow landowners and players to participate in the Petaverse game by owning “PetParks” and “PetStores” that can be placed on any parcels across DCL.

Parcels with “PetParks” will spawn players’ own Digital Pets (the MetaPaws Gen 2) and show them as soon as pet owners join the parcel and activate spawning.

Parcels with “PetStores” will allow anyone to purchase Petaverse NFTs and we’ll be sharing profits with PetStore owners.

Pet owners will be able to see their virtual pets (MetaPaws Gen 2) & complete quests at any PetParks locations to earn in-game points

We will keep the main Petaverse HQ location as some of your daily quests as a pet owner will still need to be done exclusively there (Feeding & grooming)

  1. Redefining Pet Ownership in Decentraland

In the current version of our game, you cannot play with your own personalised pet - your quests are limited to feeding & grooming the pets that are in the Petaverse HQ.

While our game is fun and addictive, we believe bringing true pet ownership to DCL will create a exciting experience for the DCL community.

In this game upgrade - we will be launching a new generation of unique Petaverse Pets (the MetaPaw Gen 2) that will be truly yours, customizable with accessories and visible across DCL. We will be selling them through an NFT drop. We plan on making it affordable ($20)

As you play our game, you will not only win in-game points & earn NFT accessories, but your digital pet will also level up and unlock new cool features (stronger point booster, exclusive accessories & giveaways)

  1. Rewarding early adopters & building retention

Currently, we have close to a 1k NFT holders. In this new game upgrade we plan on providing value to our early supporters with airdrops & giveaways.

The upgrade of the game and the MetaPaw Gen 2 will be designed in a way that will generate user retention in DCL. Our goal is to create pets that our community will feel emotionally attached to and our game mechanism will motivate them to come back to DCL. For example, if you don’t show up to pet your dog for a long period of time, your pet will lose LVL and Pts.

Our achievements so far:

  • Developed a competitive play-to-own game where you can feed/groom dogs & cats to earn points and use these points to claim pet-themed wearables
  • +6k unique users played our game in under a year, and 100s have claimed wearables using our in-game points.
  • Organized a dozen of events in DCL
  • 12 wearables & +1000 wearable owners
  • IRL pet brands collabs: PetPlate (https://petaverse.petplate.com/) , Pedigree (foster dog) & Spokk (activation)
  • Press & our socials: Petaverse | Twitter | Linktree

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1-2:

  • Design of the MetaPaws Gen 2 (11,111 unique pets)
  • Design Improvement to the Petaverse HQ
  • Migrate to SDK 7
  • Level system: New points (LVL, hearts and bones)

Month 3-4:

  • Design of the PetStores meta
  • Design of the PetPark meta
  • Launch of the MetaPaws Gen 2
  • MetaPaws Gen 2 in-game
  • Development of PetParks: METAs for pet interactions
  • MetaZone integration

Month 5-6:

  • Development of PetStores: Storefront META for purchasing wearables and accessories
  • Accessories: Pet wearables that boost rewards
  • NFT Drop on Metazone
  • QA and UX improvements

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Happy to answer any questions :dog2: You can follow Petaverse on Twitter here!

Not sure about the land rental. That’s not usually a good selling point for any grant. That being said, I would like to know how my current Metpaw that is a creation of my former IRL pet would play into this. Currently she can be a stand alone item inside DCL and other platforms but that is all. I had hoped that she would be playable. Another question, what about DCL Worlds, are those options for the Pet Store or Parks? Thank you.

Hey @Existential14! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
About the land, I know there are mixed feelings about adding rental as a cost in grants but we do want to support our land owner and based on the arrangement that we have with him, it’s a cost that we believe needs to appear in the submission for transparency. It’s an 18 parcel land with a great location, we made it a POI and it has been our home since Jan 2022. I personally think landowners are a big part of DCL success, so it seems fair & healthy to support them when we can.
As a MetaPaw holder, you stand in the highest tier for rewards so you will be airdropped a custom MetaPaw Gen 2 (based on your current MetaPaw) a PetPark & PetStore. Thus when the game upgrade happens, it will be playable! Regarding DCL World, it’s in Metazone’s roadmap to support it yes. Thank you!!

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It would be good to know why people are voting NO. This was supported earlier for a grant, was it not? I understand that they have made sales from NFTs currently and I hope that the funds from those have been put into the game thus far. Why pull funding from one that is already established? There are several others that are asking for more funding as well. They do need to get to a self sufficiency level sometime but we need more people first.

Are you affiliated in any way with Petaverse Network who recently completed a $7mil funding round?

Hey @mattimus no we’re not!

Thanks for your support @Existential14. We’re trying our best and we’re on a good path to become self-sufficient.

To give full transparency for the community, can you please list what grants you have received in the past (If you have), and for how much money they were for? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @mattimus I can confirm there is a difference. This project has been in DCL and will create glb of your IRL pet from pictures you provide. The other if you check is only cats currently. They are similar in name and it did cause me some confusion as well, but they are totally different in what they currently do. I think there may even be a 3rd one that is similar in name as well.

This is NOT who is asking for a grant: https://www.petaverse.com/
This is NOT who is asking for a grant: https://petaverse.games/
This is NOT who is asking for a grant: Home | Petaverse

Please confirm @Guillaume - thank you
This is the one asking for the grant: Petaverse, get a digital version of your real-life pet

Hey @Canessa thanks for you message :slight_smile: Yes, you can find the link to our last grant in the Petaverse profile that submitted this grant. It was a year ago and we got $60k. This is the only grant we received. Thanks!

Correct @Existential14. Here are our socials and website:
Our official website is Petaverse.xyz
Our Twitter 1 (DCL park): https://twitter.com/Petaverse_wear
Our Twitter 2 (Custom NFT pets): https://twitter.com/Petaverse_nft
We used to own petaverse.com as well, but not anymore.

I understand it may be confusing, with all the Petaverse out there :smiley:
We were actually thinking about rebranding earlier this year. Our rebranding may still happen in the near future, but we are not 100% ready for it yet. We love our name too much :sweat_smile:

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Thank you everyone for your votes so far.

To all those voting No or abstain, it would be great to get some feedback :pray:

To be clear, I respect your choice. But feedback would help to understand what we are missing here.

What do you think we should do/ have done better with Petaverse, and this proposal?

I’d really like to know why on the NO votes as well when other established games get funded what makes this one so different. They brought my dog back to life in the metaverse.

Not sure if it is still active, but I was a Petaverse Ambassador when they first launched. Fun wearables, and fun game. Guillaume and I have met before and he is a genuine and nice person. I really enjoy what the team has created so dar and I know the community wants more, so I support them.

But because of my connection through the ambassador program, I will be voting abstain.

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Thanks for the feedback @ckbubbles :raised_hands:

Petaverse (Expansion) - Distributing the game across DCL

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 5% 315,411 VP (31 votes)
  • No 52% 3,123,504 VP (41 votes)
  • Abstain 43% 2,657,390 VP (14 votes)