[DAO:962b417] [RENEWAL] Facilitation Squad H1 2024

I support Fehz and Nathalie for their remarkable contributions to the DAO, such as creating a code of ethics, facilitating ‘Brick by Brick’ sessions, and contributing significantly to strategic planning, among other valuable activities. However, I concur with the Community’s view that the moderation process needs complete reconsideration or restructuring. In my opinion, there should be a community vote to select moderators, and it should be decided whether moderators are chosen from within or outside the Community.

I believe Kanwulf should leave mod position. This is not a personal issue, but his moderation has been unsatisfactory. I have been harassed and insulted multiple times, and I’ve seen many community members leave the Discord due to toxicity. Kanwulf has almost always ignored my requests for justice.

Having strictly and fairly enforced code of ethics is crucial to maintain balance in the DAO, preventing ripple effects that could have unpredictable and potentially disastrous consequences for the entire Community.

I cannot imagine the DAO without Fede and Nathalie as Core Unit members. I have great admiration for them and sincerely hope they will listen to and find a consensus with the Community on moderation issues.

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Hi fam! :wave:

It is with mixed feelings that I have an announcement to make: I’m placing my resignation at the community’s disposal.

I believe that the success of the renewal project is very much needed, and if stepping down could help ensure the continued progress of the team’s current and upcoming work without jeopardizing the efforts invested, I am willing to take this course of action. I want to assure you that this decision is made with the best interests of the team, this community, and the Facilitation Squad as a whole.

While I acknowledge that there was room for improvement, I want to emphasize that I’ve always been committed to maintaining a professional attitude in all interactions and I’m also sure I have consistently approached my responsibilities with a sense of integrity, fairness, and respect.

Over the past months I was trusted with the responsibility of fostering a nurturing and safe environment while gatekeeping for some basic coexistence principles that are now set in the Code of Ethics, which I’m wholeheartedly proud of. But as expected, exposure wasn’t free and it has taken a toll within the moderation role I’ve incarnated.

I’m positive that our community is heading towards the right direction and that the context demands us to join strengths instead of wasting them in pointless fighting. I also believe that we can debate without offending and that we can disagree without attacking. How we choose our words makes as much difference as what we are saying in the first place.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the experiences, collaborations, and shared moments we’ve had as part of this incredible community. I will continue to fulfill the responsibilities of the moderator’s role until the conclusion of our current grant period, honoring the trust placed in me and maintaining my commitment to this community.

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Given the revelation that Kanwulf has formally announced his resignation for the moderator’s position, the proposal is no longer applicable. I have switched my vote to No.

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There is no doubt that the work of the Facilitation Squad had a net positive impact on the DAO in general over the past 1 1/2 years.

The past few months were hard on many operative squads who had to deal with a lot of negativity - which undoubtedly affected their work as well.
Despite that, the volume of initiatives launched as well as the quality of productions / exchanges has increased.

For the next grant (if it passes) , I would like the Facilitation Squad to focus their time on Yielding activities (Attracting new builders - Developers & Creators, Facilitating collaborations, Experimenting with broader content platforms - tiktok, youtube shorts, etc.).

  • Consolidate Main communications (1 townhall / month)
  • More content focused on Collaborations + an active effort to organise non-commercial collaborative initiatives.
  • More content focussed on onboarding & Education
  • Stable direct line between community & Foundation (1x / Month) + removing FS bottleneck

Great work overall and consider the above just a personal suggestion!
Feel free to hit me up if I can assist on anything.


Since the early launch of Soul Magic, the Facilitation Squad has helped our game to promote among Decentraland and foster community engagement since our game was launched. Our events have been proactively promoted through the social media of Decentraland DAO. Moreover, Soul Magic was invited to Townhall and testing session, which helped our game to expand awareness and gathered opinions to improve the game. The overall experience communicating with the Facilitation Squad has been collaborative, and they have shown the enthusiasm to support our development and strengthened the bonds within the broader Decentraland community.

We’re still processing Kanwulf’s resignation, but he has assured us that he will remain with us until the completion of our current grant, regardless of the outcome of the voting. I don’t want to come across as indifferent, but he has clearly communicated his intentions, which are contrary to the proposal failing or being rejected. It’s not uncommon for grants to undergo staff changes; in fact, our first grant experienced this when JETTY resigned, and I assumed that role a couple of months later with the funds being reimbursed.

If the proposal passes, we’ll move forward the following way:

  1. Since the vesting contract has not been formulated, we will request its establishment with the reduced budget (-9K).

  2. We will leverage existing resources for another round of internal restructuring, employing rotating shifts as we currently do to ensure comprehensive coverage.

  3. Facilitation Squad will continue to manage moderation during the grant period, but will also lead and coordinate a process for appointing a new moderation team based on community consultation. These are the options we’ve been analyizing so far:

    • Open Call and interviews, inviting participation from both community members and individuals external to the community.

    • Bidding and Tendering procedure for hiring an external professional team of moderators.

We want this managed, we want it managed well, and we don’t need to be the ones to do it, but it needs to be done and we are the best the community has to date.


As the developer of of one of the top games in Decentraland and a platform architect this group be dissolved and stripped of all voting powers. What code will produced from this group? The grant is for what making tweets? If this was effective there would be more people coming into DCL. I’m seeing a lot of names here that voted against those people actually producing code and even those platform architecture projects such as the recent holiday special that includes analysis work for improved scene loading.

Hi @fractillians has been a great advocate for DCL through the DAO activities. I participated in the recent DCLMF and in Brick By Brick, as well as getting all the info from the discord acc.
There is something to be said about the general outreach for peeps who were skirting on the edges like myself, and awareness of DCL in general. The onboarding of any ecosystem in the metasphere of rapid evolution is always hard, as each thing requires a deep rabithole, and this is where this kind of advocacy and consistent representation, at the point of entry really helps. We all comm in different ways. Some are more verbally communicative and others enjoy sharing work, needing more hand holding to dive in. I’m grateful that the DAO was there to help as a resource along my way. :raised_hands:

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I am decisively against the 94k Facilitation Dork Squad grant. The onset of this project has plunged our community into chaos, especially with certain individuals using it as an opportunity to create a covert governing body, furthering their own interests and those of their allies, and consolidating their power in our community. Echoing the insights of Niccolò Machiavelli in ‘The Prince’: “He who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived,” which aptly describes the situation we face with people misusing their power for personal gain in DCL…

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[RENEWAL] Facilitation Squad H1 2024

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 75% 11,684,187 VP (97 votes)
  • No 24% 3,768,499 VP (21 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 3,658 VP (3 votes)