[DAO:8db0e39] [Resubmission] Butterfly Prawn Farm (BPF) Development and Expansion

by 0x017fbadca2dbc267bb046624f23831662a6fd718 (BPVerse)

Should the following $90,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


At Butterfly Prawn Farm (BPF), we created an unprecedented Free-To-Play (F2P), Play-to-Earn (P2E) farm game, where players AKA farmers can harvest plants, collect resources and compete in different events for rewards (wearables and emotes).

The team prioritizes the player’s experience in BPF, and we want to elevate the BPF experience further. Thus, we envisage the continuation of development in BPF, with many new and fresh mechanics that intertwine with existing features. Being a staple in Decentraland (DCL), BPF had more than 30000 unique visitors in the last 90 days and an average of more than 4000 weekly sessions for the last 8 months, and we strive to attract more visitors into DCL and represent DCL on an international scale.

Grant size

90,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Butterfly Prawn Farm (BPF) is a F2P, P2E farm game that aims to create an easy-to-play Metaverse game in Decentraland (DCL) for the whole community. BPF’s goal is to continuously boost and engage the community in DCL. With a delivered Minimum Viable Product (MVP), BPF aims to push the boundaries, building onto fresh and advanced features, catering to farmers (aka players) with months of mileage. Similarly, BPF continues to attract new farmers through the next phase of development (details in the Dropbox link).

This baseline game product currently allows the farmers to harvest crops, catch farm animals, perform crafting, ascend the Magic Beanstalk, and scout the Cloud Castle. Being one of the top P2E games in DCL, BPF also offers multiple activities and events with wearable/emote rewards. Furthermore, BPF has also been known to be setting standards on compliance, and introducing new and innovative wearable/emote utilities in DCL.

Currently, with high traction, the game quickly propelled seasoned/advanced farmers toward the end of the game. As a result, the team seeks to adhere to the level of dedication and motivation to continue developing advanced features for seasoned farmers. The team is also planning to develop new features to engage new farmers and provide seasoned farmers with more activities within the farm. With the drive to further BPF’s cause to the community and DCL, the team would like to seek funding from the community in this expansion plan. The team also strongly believes that the funding and support will value-add, boost, retain, and engage the community.

The team consists of 7 team members with a vast set of skills and experience. Our collaborative experiences include full-stack (frontend & backend) software development and deployment, product management, 2D/3D product design, and operations support.

Experience aside, we are a group of game enthusiasts. Passionate and inspired by the Metaverse, we have been actively developing and deploying new features in BPF frequently while tapping into our expertise. We always aim to serve and attract the DCL community better, through one-of-a-kind events, gameplay, and wearables!

Our team believes in delivering only the best for DCL community. As we tap into our expertise, the team applies agile development (SCRUM), where we have meetings (daily stand-up and fortnightly sprints) to be kept abreast of development progress, design updates, ideation, and retrospectives.

Apart from developing BPF, the team believes in doing what is best for the DCL community as well. Because of this, we actively foster collaboration and compliance. Below is a list of projects/community we collaborated and engaged in during the last grant.

  1. Curation station library
    2 Meta GamiMall
  2. Meta Residence Tower
  3. Decentraland Blog Post, written by Yurius, the product manager
  4. Project management monthly meeting with video demonstration and metrics to the Grant Support Squad for compliance
  5. Monthly reports for compliance

Dropbox Link: Dropbox - Error

Roadmap and milestones

Phase 1:

1, Cloud Castle Expansion
2. New plots with new utility
3. Plot logic and new materials
4. Harvest and fertilizer logic

Phase 2:

  1. Animal farm (Rearing of farm animals with produce)
  2. Development of animals (Design/logic)
  3. Purchases and frontend design/logic
  4. Backend design/logic
  5. Produce and expiry logic
  6. Passive effects

Ongoing development throughout 6 months:

  1. Marketplace trading
  2. Overall gameplay and server improvements
  3. New wearables
  4. 3 events and rewards
  5. Technical debts and bug fixes
  6. Cybersecurity improvements


  1. Selling of wearables and emotes on DCL Marketplace. Current sales amount to more than $MANA 7500. With a more aggressive approach for wearables and emotes sales, it would fund day-to-day operations. The team is mindful to balance ALL wearables and emotes in-game bonuses to continue to attract the secondary market, benefiting from BPF
  2. Launch of rare/supply-controlled wearables (higher bonuses to games) - More mythic tier wearables to command competitive prices for sustainability
  3. Sales of in-game currency in BPF Marketplace (in $MANA) - Purchase of BP Coins to purchase in-game commodities from shop/farmers
  4. Collaboration - Working with other artists, DCL content providers to share costs on design, curator fees and advertising
  5. Content pass - For farmers who paid for extra content (additional plots etc)

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For transparency, have you applied for and received grants from the Decentraland DAO in the past? If so, when and how much money was it for? Thank you

Hi @Canessa, we had received 1 grant in Sep '22 for 120k. You can view the past grant and our updates at Butterfly Prawn Farm

[Resubmission] Butterfly Prawn Farm (BPF) Development and Expansion

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 21% 856,188 VP (84 votes)
  • No 50% 1,965,301 VP (16 votes)
  • Abstain 29% 1,153,533 VP (58 votes)