[DAO:853e990] NAMEs used for a webpage

by 0x5985eb4a8e0e1f7bca9cc0d7ae81c2943fb205bd (WinMyFit)

a place to archive media, blogs and whatever else.
Just thought it was a cool idea as then everything to do with me and my brand could be there in that format instead of the 3d builder world format.
If building blocks were given for users to make it ez too.

I assume dcl is working on their own social media page type thing but I believe this would be better for people who aint even apart of dcl to see a brand, service or entertainment that’s in dcl. No rigmarole of noobz or boomers trying to load and run around scenes and being put off. With a web page its straight info, they wont click on it and go omg only 3 people are on this web page right now thats lame!
Although an option to have that and place it anywhere on your page would be cool.

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Author was me ‘Helpimstreaming’. I am a man of many names.

ok so this can already be done and your url can redirect to a page but for someone like me who knows nothing and wants to keep the ecosystem inside dcl, an easy to use dcl website builder linking to names would be great. On boarding is easier when you don’t need to know much of anything to have a good result. Like the 3d builder now is great, lets make a 2d version.

I’m going to suggest you edit this proposal and add more details. It sounds like it might be something good but again, details please. For now I vote invalid.

This is as far as it would go, I wouldn’t re write or spend any more time on it when I wouldn’t be able to implement or round up a group to take dao funds to impliment.
Thank you for entertaining the idea and giving feedback though! But an idea is all it would stay as from me. So I don’t see the point writing this in a way to get people to vote yes. More just something for someone to pick up down the road. That gets the vision.
Its a pretty simple idea really, instead of a 3d world we have the option to create a webpage that’s run by dcl and has easy to use building blocks like the 3d builder.

Also apart of this is to just take some hatred out of the dao and create entertainment and comedy within my idea. The dao is toxic from mutiple angles atm.

NAMEs used for a webpage

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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