[DAO:8354375] Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?

by 0xd5c2f48d7b69129354473613c07d60106768ccbe (fungibletaco#ccbe)

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Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?


Allow LandWorks landowners to utilize their VP as at the moment it’s locked in the LandWorks protocol.


At the moment landowners who have listed their properties for rent on LandWorks cannot utilize their VP as it’s locked in the LandWorks protocol. With the recently enacted proposal by Nacho - Decentraland landowners can now keep their VP when listing their properties for rent on the Decentraland Marketplace . This proposal aims to allow LandWorks landowners to keep their VP as well.


The LandWorks landowner community has requested to utilize their VP as they believe they can be more invested in the Decentraland DAO. Therefore this proposal is due to the collective request by the LandWorks landowner community.


LandWorks is a metaverse land rental marketplace. It’s a product of EnterDAO and was launched with support for Decentraland in January 2022. Since its inception, LandWorks has supported Decentraland LANDs and ESTATEs rentals and so far has accumulated over 300 rents.

The protocol has been active in the Decentraland community. Last summer LandWorks hosted the Open Scenes Grant Program where more than $50,000 were rewarded to builders in the Decentraland community for their scene creations. The scenes were also open sources for anyone to use them. We have also purchased a 2x2 ESTATE where we have our signature scene which has already hosted two parties for our community and friends.

With the recently enacted proposal by Nacho - Decentraland landowners can now keep their VP when engaging in a rental transaction. This has been requested by our landowners community as well and we would like to allow for landowners using LandWorks to keep their VP as well.

Our development team has already created the snapshot strategy based on the enacted proposal. The code is available here.

This could potentially allocate back about 320,000 VP to a small community who have proactively requested to use their VP.


The imapct of this proposal is to include VP of LAND/Estate that have been listed in LandWorks. As the community has expressed interest in this,
we have implemented a strategy, similar to the one created for Decentraland’s Renting protocol. You can find the implementation here.

Implementation Pathways

In order the proposal to become active, here are the steps that need to be implemented:

  • We think that a member of the Decentraland development team would be great to verify that the snapshot strategy is implemented as expected.
  • Then, we will create a Pull Request to the main Snapshot repository.
  • Once the Pull Request has been merged, an admin from the Decentraland Snapshot Space has to enable the strategy.

Let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns (@fungibletaco).


The LandWorks team and landowners community believe every landowner should be allowed to utilize their VP within the Decentraland community. This can be achieved due to the enacted proposal and we have already prepared the code (strategy) to do so. We believe going through the official proposal process will promote transparency and will allow the strategy to be considered valid and enabled by Decentraland.

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It seems to me that the flaw here is from the Landworks for taking the VP.
“Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?” -this should be voted within EnterDAO governance, am I right?
Anyway, let’s hope for the success of your project without compromising the DCL rental marketplace.

Hey there akasya!

When we launched LandWorks in 2021 the main focus was to democratize land and allow for anyone to utilize a piece of the metaverse. The VP situation really came up afterwards and LandWorks had no intention of “taking” the VP. The pooled VP in the LandWorks protocol has never been used. Furthermore, a couple of months after the introduction of the Decentraland marketplace rentals we saw that a similar situation arose as well for Decentraland - thus the already enacted proposal by Nacho was introduced. And because thanks to that proposal keeping the VP with the landowner is now possible for Decentraland marketplace rentals, we want to make it work for LandWorks landowers as well.

We had a request from our landowners community that they would like to utilize the VP associated with the land they have on listed on LandWorks so essentially we are creating this proposal on behalf of our community.

Hope that clarifies the situaiton a bit better. :slight_smile:

I have been with you since you raised capital. I know your protocol well until your rude Dichou pushed investors away due to Sharded Minds stuffs.

Anyway, I revisited again the EnterDAO governance, and did not see any proposals regarding Landworks VP. It should be voted there first before the DCL, as it seems to me that you are bypassing your own DAO.

For clarification, I am not against your proposal. I am very bullish on your project and planning to use it “again” in the future. I also liked to thank you for the effort for DCL rental marketplace.

The above comments are concerning, so I will vote Abstain until more information can be provided.

First and foremost - @akasya.eth - once again I apologize that my comments were considered rude. Sorry that you felt it otherwise, it wasn’t my intention at all. I welcome you to come back to our Discord once again as you are a valued part of our community.

About which DAO should vote on the matter.

Well…at the end of the day, it’s an implementation that needs to be done in the DCL protocol. That’s why we are using the opportunity with Nacho’s proposal so our users and the users of the DCL renting service to be equally treated.
It’s a no-brainer that our users would prefer having the option to vote and decide for themselves if they would use their voting rights or not rather than having the VP locked up in our protocol. Of course those who do not want to vote would still be free to do nothing. So this governance proposal is about equal treatment, not about preferences or gaining advantage.

It’s about the greater good of both protocols, the openness of the metaverse and the ability to participate in any DAO governance, not only DCL.
Voting “Yes” means you are for equal treatment, decentralization and more participation in the governance of DCL

Hi @Dichou and @fungibletaco, I am hoping for the success of your project. It just seems to me that you are skipping the process, and doing decisions without the $ENTR holder approval.
You are bypassing the essence of a DAO.
As a previous token holder, I sympathize those who were left behind because you are deciding the future of Landworks without approval from your DAO.
I am really bullish on your project but why not do the process right? It will not hurt to propose the Landworks VP so that $ENTR holders know that they are important and the project is progressing well…
shout out to Delphi hahaha…

The way they picked winners on their past grant (competition) are very shady!
alot of active builder in the community participated and join the the event but only one dcl member won!
all the remaining chosen winners, all of them had new Twitter accounts, Discord all fresh.

i remember builder who joined force to do a build! ireally expect them to picked as winners tho no one won it, all those who have won looks like uncurrated builds, they even extend the deployment on in world because most of the builds aren’t utilize/optimize for decentraland. thats already 50K USD questionable! what more if we try to dig this deeper??

The statement above is an interpretation from zCayel that is really far from the truth.

Voting on the grant winners was open to 250+ community members and they can share their experience. The winners are still active Decentraland builders like Decentralize, Kyle Gordon, Brotocol and more.
The user is simply upset from not being picked as winner. The comment has absolutely nothing to do with the governance proposal it is posted on. And comes one year after the grant program is closed. The scenes are on our GitHub available for free to everyone so you can see for yourself if they are bad buildings or not :slight_smile:

This was your past work, ofcourse it’s related,

I’m saying builders who are already active members in DCL during the comp,

The ‘new users’ I said that produced uncurated builds who ever they are already have olds accounts now, but back then, everyone has a new accounts, discord, Twitter etc.

Clearly there was manipulation the voting is made Private not public,
you are not asking money now but I’m sure you are positioning your selves to in the future,

I’m just sharing honest experience about your competition event, I don’t care if I loss what I care is you are making another moves now. Why are you keep repeating, I’m telling you I have wins and many losses and I don’t really talk about neither, what I’m concern about is now.

The are only 2 builds that that are utilize & came from legit DCL community member and deserved the win, (my bet they won the lowest pot since its 1x1)

And I don’t really see that you had big contributions with your pass grant.

there are 2 people here sharing our first hand experience in different field. this is really shady, i remembered them being so dodgy with everything during their events.

Now i remember i keep waiting for it to be deployed all but i think most of them really arent utilize for DCL maybe they dont know theres a limit? lol they keep rescheduling until i have no more interest to see. and if you try to talk to them anything regarding the event , it was all 1 liner, you asked question now you might get a reply tomorrow or 2.

Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 37% 1,290,174 VP (56 votes)
  • No 1% 105 VP (2 votes)
  • Abstain 62% 2,121,384 VP (27 votes)