[DAO:0288a7c] Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?

by 0xd5c2f48d7b69129354473613c07d60106768ccbe (fungibletaco#ccbe)

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Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?


Allow LandWorks landowners to utilize their VP as at the moment it’s locked in the LandWorks protocol.


Update: This is the second time this proposal is raised. Feedback from the first time was that this proposal has not been voted within EnterDAO first. On behalf of EnterDAO, I want to thank the Decentraland community for their involvement and dedication to ensure the transparency and integrity of the process. Last week a vote was initiated within EnterDAO. The purpose of the vote was to ensure that the EnterDAO community is behind the idea of LandWorks landowners to to keep their VP when listing DCL lands on the LandWorks platform. The result of the vote (6.7MENTR - 100% For) is indicative of the enthusiasm of the community about making this happen.

At the moment landowners who have listed their properties for rent on LandWorks cannot utilize their VP as it’s locked in the LandWorks protocol. With the recently enacted proposal by Nacho - Decentraland landowners can now keep their VP when listing their properties for rent on the Decentraland Marketplace . This proposal aims to allow LandWorks landowners to keep their VP as well.


The LandWorks landowner community has requested to utilize their VP as they believe they can be more invested in the Decentraland DAO. Therefore this proposal is due to the collective request by the LandWorks landowner community.


LandWorks is a metaverse land rental marketplace. It’s a product of EnterDAO and was launched with support for Decentraland in January 2022. Since its inception, LandWorks has supported Decentraland LANDs and ESTATEs rentals and so far has accumulated over 300 rents.

The protocol has been active in the Decentraland community. Last summer LandWorks hosted the Open Scenes Grant Program where more than $50,000 were rewarded to builders in the Decentraland community for their scene creations. The scenes were also open sources for anyone to use them. We have also purchased a 2x2 ESTATE where we have our signature scene which has already hosted two parties for our community and friends.

With the recently enacted proposal by Nacho - Decentraland landowners can now keep their VP when engaging in a rental transaction. This has been requested by our landowners community as well and we would like to allow for landowners using LandWorks to keep their VP as well.

Our development team has already created the snapshot strategy based on the enacted proposal. The code is available here.

This could potentially allocate back about 320,000 VP to a small community who have proactively requested to use their VP.


The imapct of this proposal is to include VP of LAND/Estate that have been listed in LandWorks. As the community has expressed interest in this,
we have implemented a strategy, similar to the one created for Decentraland’s Renting protocol. You can find the implementation here.

Implementation Pathways

In order the proposal to become active, here are the steps that need to be implemented:

We think that a member of the Decentraland development team would be great to verify that the snapshot strategy is implemented as expected.
Then, we will create a Pull Request to the main Snapshot repository.
Once the Pull Request has been merged, an admin from the Decentraland Snapshot Space has to enable the strategy.
Let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns (@fungibletaco).


The LandWorks team and landowners community believe every landowner should be allowed to utilize their VP within the Decentraland community. This can be achieved due to the enacted proposal and we have already prepared the code (strategy) to do so. We believe going through the official proposal process will promote transparency and will allow the strategy to be considered valid and enabled by Decentraland.

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Hey first question before I continue reading, can you break down more of your votes in the EnterDAO for the proposal? How many ppl voted 100% for? How many members in the community DAO are there to vote?

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We are having about 21 mil. vENTR eligible to vote - EnterDAO - Building a gateway to the metaverse We aren’t a huge community tbh.

This vote was a quick one since we wanted to keep the momentum for the re-submition and we’ve had 10 addresses voting Yes, zero No, zero Abstain. Among those 10 there were low VP addresses and high VP too. 6.7 mil VP is considered good participation rate in our community since it’s 1/3 of the total VP available to participate.

Hey fren,

I just wonder why did you “abstain”-ed from supporting our proposal. We’ve sorted the issues with the previous one. Even Akasya, that raised the issue with voting on our DAO first, now supported it.

Please…it’s really a simple request that means a lot for a small, but dedicated community

Hey, while I understand the sentiments of your last message are dire, I abstained because I do not know enough about why this matters. I haven’t really seen any community voice, and it just kind of feels like a strange thing we are voting on. So when I am indifferent or do not know enough I abstain. Hope you understand.

OK. I get it now. If that helps you understand why this matters, I’ll try to introduce a simple timeline.

  1. Our renting protocol was created. We were the first to propose an EIP to enable LAND renting and we were the first, with the help of Decentraland team, offering DCL LAND for rental.
  2. Then Decentraland decided to offer their rental services as well. The thing was that when you lock your LAND to a smart contract, regardless if that is LandWorks or DCL, you are locking your VP as well, and you can’t effectively participate in the governance process in the DCL DAO.
  3. Nacho proposed a solution to this. A solution that you too, @ckbubbles, voted on with 100k VP for “Yes”
  4. The proposed solution from Nacho foresaw that “other Rental protocols” would be interested to hop on on that solution and unlock their users VP too. (Should VP be delegated in a LAND Rental transaction? )
  5. Well…that’s us. And not us, the team. It’s our community that begs for this. Some of them own big ass estates in Decentraland, some of them - not. First and most important - they are owners of a DCL virtual properties and they want to take part of the future of the metaverse the same way other do. The LandWorks team isn’t gaining anything out of this.
    I’m a community manager. I do what my community asks me to do. And they want their VP unlocked. They can’t even vote on the proposal because their VP is locked, lol.

  1. So I hope you know now.
    I personally think this is a fundamental decision on the way how an “open metaverse” treats the “openness” part. Leaving things as they are now, means a sort of a discrimination to the users, choosing third-party services for their DCL valuables. There will be “classes” of users. The ones that use rental service 1 can govern, the ones that uses rental service 2 - can’t.

And, yeah…we aren’t a huge community of voters. Maybe the total DCL VP from our userbase is less than what you have at your disposal. But the effort of clicking “Abstain” is the same as clicking “Yes”.
And our dev team cooked the code needed everything to be done in a smooth and safe manner. So the effort for the DCL devs to implement the solution is also close to zero.

The only thing that matters now is to convince everyone that cares. And I know you do.
So, please. Support us on this one.

It’s the really last chance to support us on this one.

Reasons why you should do it:

  1. It will solve the discrimination of some DCL users not being able to utilize their Voting Power and participate in the governance process
  2. It will show that Decentraland takes the “openness” of the metaverse seriously and trying not to lock ppl out of their democratic rights
  3. It will help our small community of decentraland landowners to vote on decentraland’s future
  4. It’s just the right thing to do…

Should LandWorks landowners keep their VP?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 70% 2,924,488 VP (111 votes)
  • No 19% 823,434 VP (6 votes)
  • Abstain 11% 510,040 VP (20 votes)