[DAO:6b54f0a] Second Escape Room: Tier One Request for 1,500USD

by 0x47efbc28db0f1fb3f94c54c8df11955abfc83bdb (Quesunmetaverso)

Should the following $1,500 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Second Escape Room is the second version of a series of interactive games. The objective is for players to get out of the scene in a certain amount of time. We want it not only to be a game of movement with the avatar but also to make them think in order to solve the puzzles. Players who manage to finish the escape room will be given a personalized escape room wearable and a POAP as a reward to encourage participation.

We intend this to be a long series of monthly changing escape rooms to create a strong engagement with Decentraland users.

Grant size

1,500 USD

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



As mentioned above, we have already conducted one alpha tests in which a small number of players have participated and have given us their feedback in order to find areas for improvement.
The points to improve with the help of the funds are the following:

  • Improve the 3D modeling design.
  • Optimize the 3D components to improve the loading speed.
  • User experience improvements to make puzzles more understandable for players.
  • Offering rewards to encourage participation.

These are the reasons for the funding request.

On the other hand, we have refactored the game logic to facilitate the creation of subsequent Escape Rooms quickly. This code will be open and shared at the end of the project in order to stimulate and facilitate other builders to create more interactive scenarios.

We believe we can bring something different to the table, aided by our programming skills and Decentraland Editor SDK knowledge. This allows us to create a much more interactive game for the user with the objects, allowing the user to feel a greater immersion within this metaverse.

Our ultimate goal is twofold, to perform an advanced data analysis of user behavior within the platform in order to know what they expect from the metaverse and thus improve their experience. We have a data engineer for this and we intend to perform this measurement through Wemeta and Google Analytics 4 tools in order to measure all user interactions based on events.
The second objective is to attract new users to Decentraland by attracting companies to carry out Teambuildings with their teams, since we think that the Escape Room is a good game to strengthen team dynamics. In these teambuildings we will take the opportunity to explain the operation of Decentraland and its possibilities outside our land in order to create commitment to this metaverse. To carry out this part, we have a member with 6 years of experience working as an event planner for companies and we see the real possibility of being able to offer virtual events as well.

Roadmap and milestones

1: Core Development
During the first 20 days we will work on all the improvements specified above:

  • Opmitization and redesign of 3D models
    -user experience improvements
    -weareable creation
    -custom data measurement

2: Testing
Testing is currently underway, as the Beta of the game has been published in Decentraland for two weeks where a small group of players have tested it and have given us feedback on the points to improve. You can find in the land 26,-143 to see the DEMO.
We have used this feedback to specify the points of improvement described above.

4: Public Launch:
On May 15th we will publish the game in Decentraland. During this time we will carry out campaigns in social networks to promote it.
We will also offer the game for free to different companies for teambuilding with their teams.

5: Measurement data analytics
Once the game is published, we will start working on the dashboards creation using the data measured from users interactions in the evento. We will use these dashboards in order to draw conclusions to further improve the user experience in the following versions of Escape rooms.

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Hi. I don’t get how to play, can you help me to test demo ?

I think this would be a great new addition to the list of things to do in DCL. I know I came across the original escape room when it was first being created and helped provide some feedback. Glad to see it’s up and running. You’ve shown you can do this and it’s a reasonable amount I’d say. Also sharing the code so anyone can make more rooms and advertising are more key reasons that I am voting yes.

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Thank you very much for your words @Existential14 .
Your initial recommendations have helped us a lot! :heart: :heart:

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Hi @web3nit ,of course!

You have to enter the white door behind you by clicking on it. Once inside the elevator, you have to click on the white button to take you to the first room of the Escape Room.

Once inside, you will have to advance through the different rooms using the clues to get out of the building.

Look carefully at all the clues, in them is the secret to get out of the rooms. Good luck!

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Hello @eventsDecentraland, thank you for taking the time to write this grant request.

I absolutely love your idea! The puzzle part of your game and also team building aspect may work well in this environment.

I have been inspired by the builders who have built the parkour games however my brain doesn’t work that way. I cannot complete a parkour course for anything BUT if you put a puzzle, search quest or that type of game then I can get onboard.

How fun would it be to also include some friends for challenges to win wearables as an example.

The grant request amount is fair, the roadmap is clear, and the team is knowledgeable so why shouldn’t we support those efforts?

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Thank you very much DedHeadJ!!

Hi @eventsDecentraland, I do hope that u include a section in your scene that shows recognition of the DAO providing funding towards your project.

Second Escape Room: Tier One Request for 1,500USD

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  • Abstain 1% 11,256 VP (10 votes)

Second Escape Room: Tier One Request for 1,500USD

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