[DAO:63e513c] Top Performing Scenes Reward Program

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Should the following $90,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Based on the results of this DAO Poll, the Decentraland Foundation is proposing to develop a pilot program for the Awards for Top Performing Scenes. The total amount of MANA requested in this grant will be fully allocated as rewards for the top 20 performing scenes over the next 3 months. Subsequently, the intention is to transfer ownership of the program to the community itself.

By implementing this approach, we aim to encourage scene creators to continuously enhance their work.

Grant size

90,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Decentraland platform emphasizes user-generated content, including wearables and scenes. This high-quality content not only attracts and retains users but also stimulates the marketplace, ultimately increasing revenue for the DAO. Therefore, it is crucial for the DAO to incentivize the creation of exceptional content to maintain this positive cycle.

Currently, the DAO operates a grant program to stimulate the development of in-world experiences. However, beyond this initial support, there are no direct incentives for creators to continue enhancing their scenes. To address this, we propose a Rewards Program for content creators with a focus on Web3 Users (those logged in with their own crypto wallet) and Engagement. This program aims to encourage existing creators and attract new ones, pushing the quality of content and emphasizing user retention.

We will utilize metrics such as Web3 Unique visitors, visits, retention rate, time spent, and returning visits to build a comprehensive ranking system.

How will we build it?

The process involves creating five different scene rankings, each corresponding to a key metric. These rankings are then combined using Borda’s count method, with the formula:

scene_score = value(position_ranking_1) + … + value(position_ranking_5)

The value of each position in the rankings is calculated using numbers derived from different percentiles of a normal distribution. This method ensures that ranking in the top positions is more rewarding.

Points to be considered:

  • Only Web3 users (users owning a wallet) will be eligible.
  • A scene refers to the Base Tile ID. Moving your scene elsewhere will count as a different (new) scene.
  • All scenes in Genesis City can participate in the contest, excluding plazas and roads.
  • For now, Worlds are not included.
  • If the same “group” has more than one scene in the ranking, they will be rewarded for the one with the best position, and the other one/s will be neutralized, making way for the next one in the rank.
  • We will publish the rankings for the Top 50 Scenes.
  • Timeframe: All the information used in the program will be based on “Current month” timeframe. We will only retain historical data for the current month & the last one in storage, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • Transparency and Data: All the information utilized in the Rewards Program is already public and available in our catalysts. To facilitate analytics, we are sharing pre-processed data, intermediate tables and the ranking code repository.

Roadmap and milestones

Week 1 and 2

  • Create all the Data sets & intermediate Tables needed for the analysis
  • Create an open repository for the code behind the Ranking Logic.
  • Create a Data Studio for daily visualization of partial results & Final ones.
  • Create a special view in Data Studio for suspicious activity flagged per scene.
    Week 3
  • Validation of partial results
  • Special attention to Fraud Detection

September 1st

  • Have a Q&A Open space with the community
  • Publish Final Results
  • Payment procedure

October 2nd

  • Have a Q&A Open space with the community
  • Publish Final Results
  • Payment procedure

November 1st

  • Have a Q&A Open space with the community
  • Publish Final Results
  • Payment procedure

Fraud Prevention Measures:
To ensure the integrity of the Rewards Program, we have implemented the following constraints to prevent fraud:

  1. Scene Visits: Only stays lasting more than 5 seconds within a scene will be considered for the program. Visits lasting 5 seconds or less will be excluded from consideration. Additionally, sessions longer than 45 minutes will be valid, but the count will be capped at 45 minutes to avoid excessive influence on rankings.
  2. Bot Detection: Users creating more than 4 wallets from the same IP address or User Agent within a day will be flagged as potentially fraudulent and tagged as bots. These flagged wallets will be removed from the program.

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Let’s try in the first three months :smiley:
and see if we can sustain this business model.
If this will be passed, it’s okay to deploy capital on my side hahaha.
What do you think @zCayel @ITSUCKSTOBEME ?

  • If it succeeds in the first three months, we can continue it and adjust the rewards or the criteria depending on the result.
  • If it fails, at least we have tested whether any scene can handle 500~1,000 avatars in a single realm.

It will be a win-win situation as long as the bot detection is strong enough to satisfy the professionals in the DAO.



Does this mean that venues like DG’s poker areas will be eligible for this? We could just hand them first prize for every month, because they are a different model than all other venues on the map and are always #1. How would you prevent this or make it equitable?

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It looks like the DAO preferred to fund a grant request of $32k + per community rather than $90k for all communities hahaha.
what a shame hahaha

The DAO can save budget and at the same time grows DCL’s user base.
I wonder how many people can be onboarded with $90k competition.
I wonder if DG can maintain its number 1 spot hahaha.

Just an opinion though. Feel free to cancel or invalidate me.

Cheers hahaha


Question remains unanswered after 3 days, voting no for now.

I could be the odd one out here as I hold a differing viewpoint, but I find merit in this proposal. It fosters a proactive approach among scene/land owners to actively promote their respective scenes/projects, while concurrently striving to attract greater footfall and engagement. I discern no issue in the scenario where Decentral Games consistently emerges victorious, given their demonstrable capacity to draw substantial attendance, including new participants. Consequently, it is apt that they receive commensurate recognition in the event that this proposal is ratified.

I fail to detect any semblance of begrudging intent aimed at obstructing or precluding Decentral Games from attaining the reward. It is prudent to cultivate a mindset shift wherein proactive analysis is undertaken, and endeavors are directed towards elevating other domains across all facets, encompassing marketing, promotion, amplification, and social engagement. This approach aims to cultivate a competitive spirit and seeks to challenge the prevailing norms, rather than succumbing to the acceptance of Decentral Games’ supremacy or the dominance of well-established endeavors already commanding significant patronage. Notably, the competition extends beyond a solitary prize.

Given the profusion of endeavors professing their commitment to user onboarding, the proposed incentive provides an added impetus, fostering an environment that encourages the onboarding of a larger user/player base. Alternatively, I inquire whether apprehension towards competition is the underlying motivation. In other words, are we so afraid of the competition that would allow us to challenge and better ourselves?

Wouldn’t it be wiser to utilize this grant to uplift current deployments and project owners, distributing benefits based on merit? Or do we prefer allocating a substantial amount to a single project, which offers no assured influx of new users beyond mere claims.


if the criteria is just to stay in a spot in a certain amount of time or sign something manually then it would be too easy for our countrymen to swarm this hahaha expect a record to be broken haha

Love this idea but feel like the top ranked scenes might also have other DAO grants fueling their development. Is there any thought to limiting the scenes included in the rewards pool only to those not already receiving funds via other DAO grants?

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I agree . No need to double fund .

I kinda don’t get why there are not at least 3M VP voting yes on this tbh. What has changed compared to the poll?

Yeah, it might result in DG getting 3 consecutive 1sts and the same scenes being rewarded in general in the beginning. But if done right, this can and will for sure incentivize ppl to be active and to promote what they are doing in dcl, which should lead to more interest and (friendly) competition.

I still think this is a great idea and at least worth experimenting with. If it works: great! If it doesn’t: let’s try something else…

No, don’t worry, scenes with loads of bots will get the first places.
The bots activity is already increasing in DCL and this proposal would only accentuate the issue.
But a bot is a DAU is guess :man_shrugging:

Where can we find this data? I do not believe the Foundation data is available “in the catalysts”. Atlas collects data from the catalysts but that’s it

An IP costs ~2 USD per month, we can get away with less when using a VPN with many exit points.
If I create 8k fake accounts (4 per IP, 1000 IPs), that’s would cost me at worst 2000 USD, I can then have them roam across 3 or 4 different scenes (automatically) and grab at minimum 2700 USD (lowest prize) * 3


Top Performing Scenes Reward Program

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 20% 2,000,865 VP (25 votes)
  • No 63% 6,002,130 VP (54 votes)
  • Abstain 17% 1,661,935 VP (18 votes)

Reverse akasya hahaha