[DAO:60f98c9] Update #2 for proposal "Open Source SammichGame SDK7 +Community tools"

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New architecture has been analyzed and designed for easy mini-game development, with a new API being SDK agnostic, and also Network agnostic, this means that a dev only needs to write a mini-game logic once and it will work for client and server sides. The system is frame based deterministic.

The project also comes with ORM database schema, compatible with SQL and noSQL databases, a sqlite file is provided as example.

Also included, a Back-office tool setup for administration purposes.


  • Playable and demo-able version
  • New Architecture: SDK & Network agnostic
  • Deterministic fixed time frame
  • Seed based game, procedural reproduction
  • Back-office admin panel
  • ORM Database schema


First week facing new rules and managing SDK-7 issues, specially in the library development topic, related issues:

We will review these issues in further updates in order to provide appropriate library distribution.

Some other misc issues have been reported.

Next steps

  • More multi-player features finished
  • More mini-games integrated
  • Start development of tournament and community engagement tools

Additional notes and links

Project source code version update_1_0 : https://bafybeietwium7bkwid6nmlrpoe27ro3ri5vyebudtioj3aqukzzy5f5tny.ipfs.cf-ipfs.com

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