[DAO:50d0c93] Update #6 for proposal "Continued growth of Wilderness P2E and $ELO Chess Club"

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Wilderness P2E and $ELO Chess Club : Month 6 Update


Here are some highlights for the third month of this grant :

  • An issue related to land deployment rights was resolved, and we have now deployed the Tutorial V2 which was ready last month.
  • We held a “Spooky Knight” Halloween event in collaboration with DJ Steve Saiko :
    Elo Chess Club Halloween Party with DJ Steve Saiko | Decentraland Events
  • We held the second $ELO Knockout Tournament with 3 minute games, with Zom emerging as the winner :
  • After many hurdles due to the complexity of our code, we have completed code migration of Wilderness P2E to SDK7. Wilderness P2E now officially runs on SDK7!
  • Bug fixes, Player Support and regular operations continued smoothly through-out the month


No Blockers this month

Next steps

With this update being the last one for this grant, we will continue to serve the Decentraland in our best capacity going forward and hope the the developments during this grant period keep bearing fruits for the community.

A since thanks once again to the Decentraland community for supporting the development of Wilderness P2E and $ELO Chess Club

Additional notes and links

Wilderness P2E : Website | WhitePaper | Discord | Twitter

$ELO Chess Club : Twitter | Discord

Metrics for Wilderness P2E :

Metrics for $ELO Chess Club :

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