[DAO:50d0c93] Update #3 for proposal "Continued growth of Wilderness P2E and $ELO Chess Club"

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Wilderness P2E and $ELO Chess Club : Month 3 Update


Here are some highlights for the third month of this grant :

  • Launch of In-game wearables display shop at $ELO Chess Club
  • Launch of a 3 minute gameplay mode at $ELO Chess Club (for both vs AI and vs Player gameplay)
  • Started Daily 3-minute game Leaderboard with daily $ELO rewards at $ELO Chess Club.
  • Bob, the beloved AI enabled NPC at Wilderness now has a side gig at $ELO Chess Club. You can now find Bob at both the games and helps new players get familiar
  • “Checkmate” collection exhibition for MVAW '23 at $ELO Chess Club (https://twitter.com/vueltta/status/1676229728888340485)
  • Event : MVAW Ball at $ELO Chess Club on 22nd July (https://twitter.com/elochessclub/status/1682750812865560576)
  • Bug fixes, Player Support and regular operations continued smoothly through-out the month


No Blockers as of now

Next steps

We will continue implementing new features and releases at Wilderness P2E and $ELO Chess Club for the coming month

Additional notes and links

Wilderness P2E : Website | WhitePaper | Discord | Twitter

$ELO Chess Club : Twitter | Discord

Metrics for Wilderness P2E :

Metrics for $ELO Chess Club :

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