[DAO:4a79a5c] Update #5 for proposal "Virtual Land Manager for Decentraland"

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Events & Giveaways, The Great Decentraland Airdrop, & More!


Events and Giveaways

Users can now create events and giveaways and link them to their scene. This is the start of what will continue to evolve into a very powerful and versatile self-service giveaway platform, and much more. Documentation and how-to videos will be released soon to aid in the adoption of this platform enhancement.

Free Airdrop Credits

Creators can now claim up to 10,000 free airdrop credits to use the giveaway platform. In order to be eligible, you must first deploy a VLM enabled scene to Genesis City or a Decentraland World. 1,000,000 free credits are now available to claim, officially kicking off the Great Decentraland Airdrop!


Sounds can now be placed throughout your scene. You can place audio files in a /sounds folder at the root of your project, and enter the filename into VLM to gain the ability to move it around in your scene. Each sound instance can be given a visual locator, which will show the user a glowing sphere at the sound’s location that will not be shown to anyone else in your scene.

User Profile

Users can now see and edit their User Profile if they need to change their display name, or other things like phone number, email address, the advanced user role, and other information originally set up in the registration process.

Also, sorry for the late update, but here are some extra unplanned features!

3D Models

Similarly to how sounds work, you can place GLB or GLTF files in a /models folder at your project’s root, and enter their filename into VLM to gain the ability to hide, show, move, scale, and rotate your 3D models in real time.

Widget Macro Mode

Custom Widgets of the “Toggle” or “Trigger” type can now be controlled with the number keys on your keyboard, with a new feature called Macro Mode.


Currently no blockers (except needing more hours in the day)

Next steps

There are still a few things left to release over the next few weeks:

  • The UI to display Analytics data
  • The ability to share access to your scene (access can still be granted manually by request through email, Discord message to unknower, or in the VLM Discord server (link on X.com for those who prefer not to click links from the DAO)

Additional notes and links

Additional documentation and videos will be created on using the new features listed above.

Despite not originally being part of the proposal, an SDK 7 integration is in the works, which will ideally be completed by the 2023 MVMF.

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