[DAO:f585630] Update #3 for proposal "Virtual Land Manager for Decentraland"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Documentation Released & Open Source Complete



Right now there are no blockers to speak of. The issue with Colyseus described in the previous update was resolved with the help of its creator, Endel.

Next steps

The remaining deliverables for this grant are:

  • Un-hiding of the “Sounds” feature - just needs better documentation
  • Completion of the UI for the events & giveaways feature of VLM
  • Completion of the UI for sharing access to scenes with other users
  • Completion of the Media Library UI for sharing image and video assets across scenes
  • Release of an integration package compatible with SDK 7 (added to the scope of this proposal after determining the amount of work that this will take)

These are on track to be complete by the end of September if no unforeseen challenges come up. If there are deliverables still being worked on at the end of September then I will pause on withdrawing any further grant funds until they are complete.

Additional notes and links

Main Website: https://vlm.gg
Documentation: https://docs.vlm.gg
Open Source Repos: Virtual Land Manager · GitHub
Discord Server: Virtual Land Manager

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